Radha Mohan 30 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Radha Mohan Written Update 30 December 2022

Radha specifies Mohan knows her the best in this house, so does he truly figure she can cause anything which would either damage Gungun or any individual from this family, she requests on the off chance that he doesn’t know her.

Written Update Radha Mohan Today Episode

Damini makes sense of they to be sure didn’t have a clue about her previously yet have now come to know the whole truth, Damini specifies she is just a portion of a spouse or rather the second ladies who is simply attempting to grab the husband of another lady. Damini makes sense of today Radha has gotten half hitched yet is completely demolished, she makes sense of Radha is remaining close to the Mandir while wearing the marriage dress anyway she doesn’t have a spouse, it is on the grounds that she has grabbed everything from her and has a place just with her. Damini irately holds the Varmala, she in the wake of tearing it discards it. Radha gets close to home, Kaveri grins figuring their arrangement would now be fulfilled.Tulsi shouts Damini is crossing her cutoff points, Damini then, at that point, begins eliminating the bangles uncovering Radha is only a hoodlum as this all has a place with her. Tulsi demands Mohan to stop Damini as she is fouling up with Radha, Damini faults she is the young lady who has attempted to grab the spouse of another ladies. Radha glances back at Mohan who is simply remaining there in the corner unobtrusively paying attention to everything. She reviews when Mohan promised to take her responsibility.

Radha Mohan 26Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Damini calls Radha a deficient lady of the prior hour grabbing different bangles, referencing she performed half of the customs however has no Sindoor in her Mang. Damini diverts to the next hand from which she begins eliminating the rings, uncovering she doesn’t have even the Mangal Sutur, Damini makes reference to nothing could at any point have a place with her, she is determined and enraged. Radha after breathing by and by goes to take a gander at Mohan who is as yet befuddled, Damini puts her hand on the head of Radha prior to grabbing the gems from her head, the whole family is stunned.

Radha Mohan Latest Spoiler Alerts 30 December 2022

Damini gazes at Radha, Tulsi demands Damini to not make it happen, yet she actually eliminates the hoops which even damages Radha anyway nobody expresses anything to stop her. Damini angrily eliminates the accessory harming Radha while Mohan likewise feels stressed for her. Tulsi considers what she has done as it is off-base and has demolished everything.

Damini strolls to Mohan making sense of the propitious time is going to end, Tulsi demands him to not tragically wed some unacceptable individual, she says he should just wed Radha.

Kadambari gazing at Radha figures she ought to excuse her as just she knows how defenseless she is since she to safeguard her child violated Radha.

Radha standing calls to Mohan prior to strolling before him, she makes sense of she never attempted to wed him yet today in the event that he gets hitched to Damini, it will be the greatest slip-up of his life, it will destroy his relationship with Gungun and annihilate everything. Damini shouts it is sufficient, she attempts to drive Mohan and even demands the pandit jee to begin the Mantar, however Mohan is simply standing there.

Mohan is truly strained remaining among Damini and Radha, he holds the hand of Radha seeing which Damini is strained, Radha peers down to see that he is holding her hand. Mohan reviews when Radha acknowledged that she truly adores him, Damini is stressed of what could happen.

Mohan relinquishes Damini’s hand, going to Radha, Kaveri is strained when Shekar and Tulsi grin.
Mohan takes Radha from the Mandap, Damini attempts to stop them yet can’t succeed.

Kadambari considers what is going to occur in this house, she supplicates that she doesn’t have solidarity to confront anything in this house.

Radha asks Mohan what is happening, Damini stops him at the entryway inquiring as to whether he is bringing one more young lady into his room and was this the explanation, she adored him anyway Mohan actually locks the entryway without paying attention to Damini, she demands him to open the door.

Radha demands Mohan to not be irate with him, she realizes she has truly put him in a terrible mood, yet he ought to no less than pay attention to her for once, Mohan out of frustration begins whipping the room, Radha demands him to quiet down anyway he is simply obliterating the room, Damini likewise demands him to consider her regard what might everybody about her personality, she makes sense of he ought to chat with Radha before everyone.

Radha attempts to stop Mohan anyway he irately pushes her, so she falls on the floor, harming her hand.

Kaveri shouts Damini ought to allow it to go as Mohan may be hitting Radha while Damini makes sense of that Radha could try and tell Mohan the whole truth which is off-base for them.

Kadambari asks the pandit jee what is he talking about, Damini additionally questions what has happened when he makes sense of that the favorable time has finished so it is useless to remain here, Damini furiously makes sense of that he ought to request more cash assuming this is what he wants, pandit jee cautions her to control herself as it is his obligation to get the couples hitched by the ceremonies. Damini attempts to get physical with him yet is come by Kadambari, Ketki makes sense of that she is the ladies with whom their mom intended to get Mohan bhai hitched, Damini irately educates her to quiet down, Kadambari gets incensed with her.

Damini apologizes to the Pandit jee for her mentality making sense of it just happened in light of this multitude of circumstances, she inquires as to whether it is important to get hitched at the favorable time since in the event that the hearts are unadulterated, the issue lies with what. Kadambari furiously cautions Damini to not discuss the good natures as she has proactively illuminated her that Mohan has a ton of issues in his day to day existence and she would rather not welcome much more issues by defying the norms, Damini attempts to dissuade her when Kadambari makes sense of now the wedding would occur at the following favorable time, Damini asks the Pandit je when is it, he uncovers it will come following six hours and on the off chance that the weddings isn’t finished and still, at the end of the day, it would take them no less than one entire month hearing which Damini is stunned. Kadambari makes sense of they would meet after six hours.

Kadambari goes to leave when Damini asks what is happening to her, Kadambari makes sense of that main what Bihari jee wants will occur, Damini invalidates it making sense of still now just what she wants will occur. Kadambari makes sense of that Damini has utilized every strategy to wed Mohan however is as yet fruitless so presently what Mohan will choose will occur, she makes sense of Damini can undermine her yet what might she do about Mohan, Damini is furious.

Mohan seeing the injury of Radha quickly races to her inquiring as to whether she is fine, he makes sense of he will grab the glass which could hurt a little, Mohan goes to take a gander at Radha who is crying with pain.

Kaveri makes sense of that Kadambari said one thing right since imagine a scenario where behind the shut entryways, the romantic tale of Radha and Mohan starts as it is conceivable the main explanation, he was not with her is on the grounds that he didn’t have the foggiest idea about the reality of her sentiments yet now that he knows about Radha’s sentiments because of Damini, it is conceivable he could carry her to the Mandap following six hours and get hitched to her. Damini gets strained. Mohan and Radha gaze each other while sitting on the floor.

Precap: Damini tells Radha assuming I get hitched to Mohan, Gungun will be out of picture. Radha says before that I’ll kill you and attempt to go after her. Damini’s mother give her contamination. Specialist say she is having a major injury and give medication. Mohan says I’ll give her. Mohan ponders Radha and says I’m feeling a little doubtful on Damini.

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