Radhakrishn 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Radhakrishn Written Update 26 November 2022

Radha reviews Yashoda and Krishna’s arrangement to have a unique celerbation and figures what should be that festival. She gets a thought and thinks this would be an answer for every one of the issues. Kans reviews his pledge not to welcome Jarasand to Mathura until he kills Krisjhna. Prapti says he wants all the more remarkable asur to kill Krishna as Bakasur couldn’t hurt Krishna by any means. Akroor says he will look through strong asurs who can assist Kans with killing Krishna. Kans grants him. Asthi meddles and gets some information about killing Krishna. Kans lashes out on them.

Written Update Radhakrishn Today Episode

Krishna prepares and figures Radha does what he is hanging tight for. Astha sakhis demand Krishna to illuminate them about his arrangement, on the off chance that he will take them on journey or gift them something or plans something different. Balram strolls to them and hearing astha sakhis demands Krishna to uncover his arrangement. Krishna says he hasn’t thought anything. Radha strolls to them and snaps her finger, freezing time.Krishna inquires as to for what reason did she froze time. Radha says to welcome Mahadev for an exceptional festival, there should be Radha Krishna’s maha raas/dance. Krishna’s bansuri plays. News comes to devlok and kailash. Radha Krishna are showered with blossoms. Krishna inquires as to whether that is the explanation Radha took his bansuri/woodwind . Radha says each of the 3 universes will watch their dance. Krishna says let us hand-off the news to astha sakhis now. Radha applauds her fingers again thawing time. Astha sakhis inquire as to why Radha and Krishna are grinning at one another. Radha illuminates that they generally would hit the dance floor with Krishna soon. Astha sakhis celebrate hearing that.

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Balram lets Krishna know that Krishna is arranging this maha raas, yet Radha thinks she is coordinating it. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that Krishna welcomed him first for the festival and he will welcome all divine beings so no one on the planet is absent any trace of watching Radha Krishna’s raas leela. Radha infortms Yashoda about the festival and raas.

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Precap: Balram uncovers Radha that Kanha previously welcomed Mahadev for the raas. Radha requests that Krishna guarantee that guys will pass on their raas.

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