Radhakrishn 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Radhakrishn Written Update 6 January 2023

Krishna visits Indradev and demands him to quit venting out his resentment on Vrindavan and quit flooding it. Indradev says Krishna is abusing his powers and asks him not to meddle. Krishna requests that Indradev play out his dharma with full powers while he plays out his karma with full powers. He gets once again to Vrindavan.

Written Update Radhakrishn Today Episode

Vrindavan residents get apprehensive seeing Vrindavan suffocating in flood. Purohit ji recommends everybody to look for Indradev’s forgivance and proposition him anything that penance they would be able. Yashoda says they have just 1 cow left. Everybody consent to forfeit that cow. Kanha stops them and solicitations them to trust him and follow him to Govardhan mountain. They all concur and follow him.Indradev flies off the handle and shows tempests. Narad recommends him to comprehend Kanha’s solicitation and quit alarming Vrindavan residents. Indradev blows up and orders Samvartak to ensure Vrindavan residents don’t arrive at Govardhan mountain. Vrindavan residents follow Kanha and inquire as to why he is taking them just to Govardhan mountain. Kanha says they will find out soon.

Radhakrishn 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Devi Gauri flies off the handle seeing Indradev’s haughtiness. Mahadev requests that she trust Kanha and perceive how he handles Indradev. Kanha with group arrives at the bed of Govardhan mountain. Group inquires as to why he brought them here. He makes sense of the significance of Govardhan mountain and says it will safeguard them from flood. Radha requests that he show his leela now. Indradev flies off the handle and goes after mountain with rainstorms once more. Vrindavan residents get apprehensive and figure they shouldn’t have paid attention to Kanha and confronted Indradev’s rage. Radha faces them. Indeed, even divine beings demand Indradev to stop his treachery, however he doesn’t pay attention to them. Kanha proposes group to lift the mountain and shield themselves from Indradev’s wrath.

Radhakrishn Latest Spoiler Alerts 6 January 2023

Precap: Indradev gets payback from Vrindavan residents and floods Vrindavan. Radha requests that Krishna follow through with something. Krishna lifts Govardhan mountain and gets Vrindavan residents under it.

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