Rajjo 1 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 1 february 2023

The Episode begins with Arjun sitting tight for Rajjo. Chirag and Kalindi like his endeavors and praise him. Arjun grins. Madhu requests that Pushkar effectively stop Mannu and Rajjo. Pushkar says Arjun made Niharika away, he believes me should apologize to Rajjo, I won’t ever apologize. She says I needed to apologize for the wellbeing of Arjun, I can’t endure Rajjo. He says then toss out Rajjo and Mannu. She says I can’t, Arjun said he will deal with Mannu, I can do nothing now. He says Rajjo loves her mum, on the off chance that her mum kicks the bucket in a mishap, she will leave all that and disappear. Rajjo says Maai, I m energized for our date, which dress will I wear. Mannu says anything, I m glad for you, Arjun and you will begin another connection, proceed to prepare. Rajjo says I will help you. Mannu requests that she go. Swara and Sia come and take Rajjo with them to make her decked up. Pushkar says I won’t face the challenge alone, I will do this assuming you support me. She says OK, I will uphold you. She gets back home and sees Mannu’s telephone ringing. She goes to Mannu and gives her telephone. Mannu actually looks at Nanku’s missed calls. Nanku requests that Mannu come and help him, and not call the police. She stresses and asks him not to stress. She leaves. Madhu says she is gone at this point. Pushkar has taken Nanku at firearm point.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Jhilmil calls her. Madhu drops the telephone close to the receptacle. Rajjo comes to meet Arjun. Arjun stows away and looks on. She says Arjun has done a lot of plans for me, am I looking great or not, I will proceed to ask Mannu, he hasn’t arrived. Arjun stows away and grins seeing her. She goes. He says perhaps she arranged something special for me. She searches for Mannu. She calls Mannu and gets the telephone there. She says mum doesn’t leave things like this. Mannu searches for Nanku. She sees him and inquires as to for what reason is he remaining there. She sees the crocodiles. Nanku requests that she take off. She asks who did this. Hooligans get her. Rajjo searches for Mannu. Arjun hangs tight for Rajjo. Mannu asks who are you. Nanku apologizes to her. Mannu slips at the edge. Pushkar holds her hand. Rajjo stresses. Arjun comes and inquires as to for what reason are you stressed. Rajjo says Mannu is no place in the house, perceive how she left this, I got her telephone close to the container. He says she would have gone to her room. Rajjo says I have checked all over. He says she would have headed outside. She says she was making this for our date, she was blissful. She checks the call log and says Nanku Kaka. Pushkar undermines Mannu and ties her up. She chides him. He says you can’t overcome your demise. Rajjo shows the call log. Arjun says unwind, call him and inquire. Rajjo offers something wrong has occurred, he isn’t replying, I can feel it. She checks the notebook and says something is composed, Magar taal/crocodile lake. Arjun says there are a great deal of crocodiles there, how will she respond there. Pushkar takes Mannu there. Mannu yells for help. Pushkar says crocodiles will kill you.Precap:
Rajjo gets some information about Mannu. Arjun says you are stressing for no great explanation. Rajjo contends with him. She returns home. She says somebody got Nanku gone after, ask Madhu. She calls the police.


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