Rajjo 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 13 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rajjo 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 13 february 2023

The Episode begins with Rajjo acting mixed up. Arjun lifts her and returns. Mannu says its great Rajjo left. Arjun makes Rajjo rest. He says let me know if you want anything, I m here. She says no, you ought to go first floor, I m somewhat worn out, I will be fine. He asks how will I respond there. She says you ought to go there and appeal to God for our connection. He says take rest, specialist said you are fine, nothing happened to you, let me know what are you stowing away, I will really do sit ups for you, I realize I fouled up. She says no, stop it. He asks where is my bold Rajjo. He says since you returned, you didn’t discuss Mannu, I have sent Biswa Kaka to the town, we will get an answer, I need to realize what are you stowing away, let me know anything that you are feeling, I will not fly off the handle with you. She says there isn’t anything, you can definitely relax, I will take some rest, you go first floor, I will be fine. She sends him and considers Mannu. Mannu prepares in Sia’s room. Pushkar hits on her and giggles. He chides her. He conceals her inside a rug and takes her. Rajjo asks where did Mannu go. She proceeds to search for Mannu. He takes the floor covering. He sees Arjun there. He says Mannu can get cognizant. He admonishes the workers and sends them. He conceals Mannu inside the havan kund stage. Pratap and Jhilmil ask what’s going on with he. Pushkar says the workers went, they are languid, I will accomplish the work, proceed to prepare, let me acquire a few decent deeds. They go. Pushkar says you will end up being a phantom now, no one will realize you are here, I will toss you in the close by precipice. He giggles. Everybody sits for the havan. Mannu moves. Pushkar says thanks to Madhu for arranging the havan. Chirag asks where is Rajjo.

Written Update Rajjo 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Arjun says she is taking rest. The smoke spreads. Everybody hacks. Mannu gets cognizant and battles. Rajjo says where is mum, we can do nothing. She gets Mannu’s dress. She asks did anything happen to her, no, did anybody get her. Rajjo wears the dress and goes to alarm Pushkar. He believes its unthinkable, how might she come here, I have put her under the stage. Rajjo goes. Madhu asks what. He doesn’t say anything, I will wash my eyes and come. He goes to the patio. He asks who are you, you can’t be Manorama, for what reason are you doing this acting. Rajjo sees the camera. Pushkar says I had killed Manorama, you can’t come here, who are you. Rajjo giggles. He says like mum, similar to little girl, you assume you are shrewd, you are absurd, I realized you are playing this game. Rajjo says you took my mum to kill. He says I had attempted to kill her two times, I had done her mishap, when she was in extreme lethargies, she got saved that time, she doesn’t bite the dust. She inquires as to for what reason would you like to kill her. He says I need to dispose of her, I slandered her and demolished her profession, I figured she won’t try to come in front, however she came following 20 years with her wrongdoing, I won’t let you and Mannu ruin my life, I have kill her and you moreover. Rajjo is shocked.Precap:
Rajjo asks Pushkar where is her Maai. Kalindi asks how might you venture to do this. Rajjo says tragically, he is my father. Everybody doesn’t trust Rajjo.


Rajjo 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 13 february 2023


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