Rajjo 11 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 11 January 2023

The Episode begins with Pushkar and Madhu contending. He says wouldn’t even play with the possibility of slap my Kalindi. He lashes out. He says Chirag, you are paying attention to everything, you had a thought that Rough can do something like this, for what reason didn’t you do anything. Rajjo says Chirag has put surveillance cameras too. Rough says I came inside rather the conveyance kid, expresses gratitude toward Rajjo. Pushkar chides Rajjo. She says I got the food, it was kept outside, nobody came inside before me, I swear on my mum. He says you got back at Kalindi when she flopped in the race. Arjun says you think Rajjo is such. Pushkar says you will agree with your better half’s position, yet I need to say, you are supporting your significant other, Chirag isn’t letting out the slightest peep for his significant other, I will spit fire today, I won’t leave this young lady, who maintains that my little girl should kick the bucket. He blames Rajjo. Madhu says you can address Rajjo, its no utilization, Kalindi has fouled up, she took part in an extramarital entanglements with her better half’s sibling, on the off chance that you get harmony by yelling on Rajjo, yell, however ask Kalindi once that what connection she kept with Rough. Pushkar says I m sorry, I failed to remember that Rajjo has turned into your bahu, your heart changed, don’t have any idea how abruptly. Madhu says it was my misstep, I redressed it, what issue do you have with Rajjo that you disdain her, don’t do this, its not genuine. Jhilmil says fine, we acknowledge that Rajjo is essentially dead on, however Rough fouled up with Kalindi, she has concealed about their illicit relationship. He says precisely, she is off-base. She says we got thoughtless in light of the fact that she has stowed away this. He says OK, she is the obscuration on this house. Arjun yells just shut up, nobody will fault Rajjo, quit accusing her, let Kalindi get cognizant, she will let us know everything. Jhilmil asks him not to help Rajjo today. Arjun says I m appearance development. He cautions Pushkar. Pratap requests that Arjun quiet down.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Arjun contends with Pushkar. He yells on Pushkar. Rajjo says sorry, kindly, don’t battle for the wellbeing of I. Chirag says compelling reason need to say anything, Rajjo. He requests that Pushkar converse with Madhu and Rajjo with habits. He says Rajjo was attempting to save Kalindi and my marriage. Kalindi gets cognizant. She hears Chirag. Chirag says Rajjo saved my life when I went to take my life before a truck, Rajjo saved me, she gave me another life, her life was topsy turvy, however she thought for Kalindi and me, she saved us from breaking, she upheld us. Kalindi says Swara, I m so fortunate. Swara says take rest, don’t talk. Chirag says Rajjo was there with me, I know her, how all she helped me, I realize she wasn’t to blame today, how might you call her wrong. Pushkar asks how could it be my girl’s error. Madhu says its her mix-up. He says no. Chirag yells its my error, I m wrong in this, in the event that I came in faculties in time and quit drinking, this would have not happened.He says I demand you to not do this show until Kalindi gets fine, kindly stop it, when Kalindi gets fine, I will rebuff Rough. Chirag goes to Kalindi. He says I will deal with everything. Rajjo says I have done this to allow one more opportunity to Chirag and Kalindi’s connection, I know its extreme. Arjun says I realize they need to deal with their connection, I don’t question you, you stress for Chirag, you didn’t let me know anything. He says I need to be aware, is it simple for you to mislead me, you are my significant other, I lament that you don’t have anything to impart to me, you discuss your thoughts with Chirag and Kalindi. She says this matter is old, when you planned to wed Urvashi. Arjun says you got many opportunities to tell me, I told you, you won’t stay discreet, I will not pardon you, we don’t have truth to say one another. Pushkar requests that Niharika get back home. He says your preparation will begin tomorrow. She says Kalindiā€¦ He says you need to follow my timetable, proceed to illuminate Rajjo moreover. She goes. He says I will kill Rajjo.

Rajjo 11 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rajjo says mum expresses each round of marriage implies a ton, yet we didn’t take adjusts. Arjun expresses not many things are on trust and harmony, not just on ceremonies. She says then we ought to keep marriage likewise, this connection isn’t simply a bond, however an unadulterated security. He asks and what? Niharika comes. She says sorry, the entryway was open so I have come, Rajjo your preparation will begin tomorrow, I need to finish your shopping, accompany me. They leave.

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 11 January 2023

Pushkar makes Bunty grind iron to powder. He says presently iron has become like soil, I believe that Rajjo should eat this. He takes the iron powder and says I will cause Rajjo to eat this iron powder, she will pass on. Its morning. Rajjo and Arjun show their inconvenience. They begin contending. He says I m sorry for what I did before, you are free now, accomplish no work for me, I expect nothing from you, a connection without confidence is shallow, similar to our marriage.

Rajjo gets stunned seeing the fire in the microwave.

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