Rajjo 14 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 14 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rajjo requesting that Chirag drink the lemonade. Chirag gets miserable. He says I can sympathize with your aggravation additionally, we both have lost to lose. He imparts the lemonade to her. He inquires as to for what reason did this occur with me. Rajjo cries and says OK, why me, Arjun is fouling up, he is wedding Urvashi however continues to gaze at me. He chuckles and says Arjun loves you a great deal. She says you discuss your life. He says its destroyed. She requests that he leave the liquor, everything got destroyed as a result of it. He says OK, Kalindi says something similar, yet she doesn’t prevent me from drinking, since she would have gotten. She says no, everything isn’t finished, attempt and see, Kalindi began attempting, I didn’t see Rough anyplace, you attempt to make things fine. She causes him to have sugar. She requests that he have another beginning. He additionally takes care of her the sugar and expresses consider your life, you were addressing me on trying, one who has enthusiasm succeed, its not you, its you, I m fine at this point. He makes a foil crown and makes her wear it. He says you are a princess, you can save your sovereign and furthermore yourself. She says I m no princess. He says you both are difficult, attempt and you can change destiny, you are a princess, don’t lose without battling, guarantee me, you will keep regard of this crown, I m fine, I will go to my room. He leaves.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Its morning, Urvashi gets an undermining call from the moneylender. He says I believe that some spot should conceal the medications, you stay in Thakur Nivas, their picture is perfect, I need to conceal the medications there. She asks what, no, don’t do this. He says I m not asking you. She says you can’t cause me to accomplish unlawful work, its my marriage, consider it. He says I believe that my work should finish, else your marriage will not occur. Naman comes and holds her. He asks are you having any issue. She figures say thanks to God, he heard nothing. Rajjo grins considering Arjun. Urvashi says stay away, I m wedding Arjun. Naman requests that he esteem his adoration and cash, wed him. She argues.Rajjo hears Urvashi and goes to hear. Naman says you realize I love you since the school’s most memorable day. Urvashi says Arjun is my best option, I will get Arjun at any expense. Rajjo sees them. Naman says you can never remain content with Arjun. Rajjo thinks for what reason is he saying as much. Naman says you and Arjun will not get viable. Urvashi says you don’t have to stress for me. Naman says you suspect as much, I don’t. He goes. Rajjo asks how might a sibling do this with another, I need to find a proof against Urvashi, she can’t swindle Arjun, I simply have two days to bring her reality out, Naman… . He can help me. Rajjo joins the dance practice. Urvashi says I would rather not see your face. Rajjo says make sense of this for Arjun, he needs to see me doing Naagin dance in his baraat, request that he eliminate me from the house, he will not do this, I will remain here and dance.

Rajjo 9Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Gautam says perfect, I got a dance accomplice. Rajjo says sorry, I need to turn into Naman’s accomplice. Arjun lashes out. Naman asks what. Rajjo says you are Arjun’s sibling, he will feel terrible in the event that you don’t move in his marriage, I dance all around well, we will beat them, I don’t have a clue about this dance, however you educate me. Naman checks Urvashi out. He grins and says alright fine, lets dance my accomplice. Rajjo holds Naman’s hand. Arjun gets envious. Naman instructs dance to Rajjo. Arjun thinks I comprehend, I didn’t realize you will fall so low to trap my sibling. Rajjo thinks I m doing this for you. Naman says you advanced unexpectedly early. Rajjo says you are a decent mentor, for what reason are you miserable, you weren’t like this when you came, you look stressed. He says no, I m glad for my sibling’s blissful. She says face doesn’t lie. He says you are seeing my face a great deal. She says OK, I need to deal with visitors and family members, on the off chance that they are cheerful or not, you’re upset, is your heart wounded by something. Naman conceals the liquor bottle. She asks did you consent to hit the dance floor with me, since you needed to make Urvashi envious. Naman says you are hitting the dance floor with me to make Arjun jealous.

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Rajjo falls over Arjun. She says I would rather not lose you. Arjun figures the reason why do I feel miserable on losing you. Urvashi prepares as the lady. She gets a call. Rajjo expresses how to find out, what Urvashi is going to do.

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