Rajjo 17 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 17 December 2022

The Episode begins with Pushkar contending with the reviewer. Pratap says we aren’t in any event, permitting liquor in the marriage capability. Kartik says somebody has kidded and you treated it in a serious way. Madhu says you are mixed up. Rajjo says its no misconception, I have called the police. Everybody is stunned. Rajjo says this is valid, this time I have verification with me. Madhu reproves her for maligning Urvashi. Jhilmil says she did likewise last time. Everybody blows up. Arjun looks on. Pushkar says don’t pay attention to her. Chirag requests that they pay attention to Rajjo. Everybody asks him not to agree with her position. Pratap says we will not endure such a major event of medications. Arjun requests that Rajjo reply, what’s this show. Rajjo says I have a telephone and furthermore a video, this has a proof. Jhilmil proceeds to eat laddoos. He says my bp got low in strain. Arjun says you will lie in the future. Rajjo says only a single opportunity. Everybody reproves her. She requests a single opportunity. Chirag requests that they see the video once, drugs case is certainly not something insignificant, let reality emerge. Controller says OK, he is correct. Kartik says there is no evidence. Jhilmil says OK, she is with nothing. Controller says I simply need to see the confirmation. Rajjo says only a single opportunity. Arjun says fine. He proceeds to pull a pearl necklace from the point of support. He says you have only one min now. Rajjo and Chirag associate her telephone on the projector. Rajjo really takes a look at the telephone. Arjun counts down to 1. Chirag asks where is the video. Arjun expresses time up, Rajjo. Rajjo cries. Madhu says there is no verification. Urvashi thinks Rajjo lost once more, this opportunity you can’t divide me and Arjun, I have erased the video. Investigator says there is no evidence. Arjun says same thing once more. Mannu stresses. Nurture asks what are you doing here, come. She takes Mannu effectively. Arjun and Rajjo’s marriage pic comes on the screen. Arjun says same thing once more. He lashes out and tosses a flame to consume their pic. He says you mean you are correct and we as a whole are off-base, stop it, I m tired. Pushkar requests that Investigator remove Rajjo and give her a discipline. Rajjo says Urvashi had abducted me, Mannu remembers everything, she saw me and descended from the line to save me, Urvashi has the medications with her, the thug has hit on my head. Arjun says please Rajjo, stop it. Mannu is restricted. She appeals to God for Rajjo.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Inspector says we didn’t came to see this, in the event that we get any data about drugs, we need to look through the house. Arjun and Madhu request that he search the house. Madhu says don’t obstruct Arjun’s marriage, it needs to occur during the mahurat. Urvashi stresses. Police goes to look through the house. Arjun and Urvashi sit in the mandap. Everybody grins. Investigator and the group looks for the medications. Madhu says I will do the gathbandhan. Rajjo wishes the police gets the medications soon. Mannu yells to Controller. Nurture requests that she shut up. She says she isn’t intellectually fine. Controller goes. He comes first floor. Rajjo asks did you get the medications, tell me. He says no, we tracked down nothing. Urvashi thinks Rajjo, I have the medications yet I have stowed away it in such a spot that you can’t track down it. Controller apologizes to them. Arjun requests that he have the banquet after the marriage prior to leaving. He says I will be of my Urvashi in some time. He figures I will consume each inclination and memory in this fire. He holds Urvashi’s hand and takes the wedding round. Rajjo sits crying. Judaai… plays… Precap:
Rajjo runs and stops Arjun and Urvashi’s marriage. She tears the gathbandhan and shows the medications in Urvashi’s dupatta. She asks on whom will you put the fault now. Urvashi faults Rajjo.


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