Rajjo 19 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 19 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rajjo and Mannu crying. She says you realize Urvashi is so off-base, help me, show me some way, please. She sees Arjun and cries. Mannu additionally sits reciting. Rajjo sees Urvashi’s dupatta. She says her dupatta looked weighty, why, similar to something was inside. She wipes her tears and runs. She pulls Urvashi’s dupatta and tosses the medications over her face. Urvashi and everybody are stunned. Rajjo says even this time, I have broken your marriage. She requests that the controller check. Examiner says its truly sedates, it implies Rajjo was saying reality. Rajjo reproves Urvashi. Urvashi falls down.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Chirag grins. Rajjo says I attempted to disprove you commonly, you had sold Arjun’s tribal jewelry and gold kalash, you got his sign on the papers, you got yourself grabbed to get cash, you accused me, whom will you fault now. Urvashi says no. Rajjo says don’t consider lying now, you didn’t see your weighty dupatta, in the event that I needed to trap you, I would have tied a little medication parcel, how could I put so many medication bundles, you would in any case go to prison, you are liar and ravenous, you are gold digger, I have demonstrated this before everybody. Assessor says its excellent medications, nobody gets it very much like that. Rajjo says her uncle is the one. Urvashi says she is lying, I sat idle. Rajjo requests that Naman say. Naman says OK, Urvashi and her folks are under water, I have paid the moneylenders likewise as a companion to save her. Rajjo expresses profound gratitude, I addressed Naman on the grounds that I needed to know this reality. Urvashi and her folks lie. Chirag signs Rajjo and grins. Rajjo requests that Urvashi save her solidarity and look there. Chirag shows the video in the telephone. Rajjo shows it to Arjun. She says I told you, I will kick the bucket, yet not let your life get demolished, Urvashi is certainly not a right young lady, I demonstrated it, look who is on the right track and who is off-base. He checks the video of Urvashi conversing with moneylenders.Everyone is stunned to see the video. Urvashi says Arjun… Arjun expresses shut up, Rajjo wasn’t the cheat, you were the cheat, the verification is before me, you swindled all of us, you are the cheat, not my Rajjo. Rajjo checks him out. Chirag says express gratitude toward God. Mannu hears this and grins. She says Rajjo substantiated herself right. She favors Rajjo. Arjun chastens Urvashi. Madhu additionally chides Urvashi for deceiving them. She says your folks ought to likewise be ashamed.

Rajjo 14Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

He says don’t contact me ever, Urvashi, I have chided Rajjo. Mannu gets free and runs out. Arjun says you fail to remember that I was your companion, presently we have contempt between us. He requests that Assessor remove Urvashi. Urvashi gets captured. Kalindi thinks I got another opportunity to begin another existence with Chirag. Urvashi says I m not off-base, I was vulnerable, anybody in my place would have done this. Arjun says Rajjo will not do this, she was in inconveniences, her mum was in trance like state, she kept connection and saved all of us, learn it, you are rationalizing. He tosses the ring. Mannu expresses gratitude toward Master and expresses shouldn’t something be said about Rajjo and Arjun’s connection, favor them.

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 19 December 2022

Rajjo gives the mangalsutra and cleans the sindoor. She requests that Chirag get Mannu. Madhu says you will stay put, you have saved Arjun, you have the right to turn into Arjun’s significant other. Pushkar looks on.

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