Rajjo 19 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 19 January 2023

The Episode begins with Arjun chiding Madhu. She chides him back. He says you are off-base, I will converse with you as such, in the event that you don’t stop this preparation and plotting, then it will result downright horrendous, you will see me dead. He eliminates the landline telephone. He goes. Pushkar says you ought to have insight to show here, you can’t turn into a mentor very much like that. Rajjo says being a mum is the world’s greatest experience, I regard every one of the mentors here, however I don’t expect to see my mum’s affront, she is my mum, she knows my solidarity and shortcoming, she will be the best mentor for me. Mannu grins. Rajjo safeguards her mum.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

She requests that they really take a look at Manorama’s past records. She says I will not ask her for what reason she quit running, its her story, its her decision to say it or not. Mentor says when Mannu left the games, it came in the news. Rajjo says she has returned to satisfy my fantasies and I will satisfy her fantasies, she will be the best mentor and I will end up being the best player. Everybody applauds. Pushkar stops them. He says you can get cheer by expressing close to home things, however not a mentor’s situation. Mannu inquires as to why not, I have won a gold decoration, for what reason might I at any point become a mentor, perhaps you could do without me, that is not devil, you don’t have anything to contend, I can turn into Rajjo’s mentor and tell her the game. Pushkar hears the men discussing Mannu.Rajjo says well done and embraces Mannu. Mannu says well done, your fantasy will get satisfied now, I will make you a major competitor. Rajjo says now nobody can overcome me. They hug.

Rajjo 19 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Jhilmil meets Gurumaa outside the house. She says Arjun didn’t permit you to come inside, give me what you needed, I will give it to Madhu. They see Arjun coming and stow away. Chirag sees them and says don’t have the foggiest idea what goes on. Madhu gives a jug to Jhilmil. Jhilmil asks what is in it. Rajjo runs and comes to Mannu. She says I feel glad that you are training me. Mannu says sorry, I was so terrified, presently I get boldness seeing you. Arjun records their video. He grins. He says I can do anything for Rajjo, I can’t take a chance with her life.

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 19 January 2023

Mannu requests that Rajjo have water. She goes to see what different mentors are instructing. Rajjo says its Arjun’s aroma smell. She sees Arjun. Arjun acts that his vehicle stalled. He requests that the watchman find support. Monitor goes. Rajjo comes to Arjun. He says my vehicle stalled. She says I don’t see what to accept and what to not, you don’t lie, right. She says I need to endure this by itself, this is my discipline for having uneven sentiments. Arjun thinks no, its not uneven sentiments, I want to say it.

She requests that he say. She says I was off-base that you likewise love me, at any rate fail to remember it, you said you need to see me on my foot, then, at that point, let me make it happen. Arjun says I didn’t stop you, simply go. She says I know why you came here, could do without me, don’t converse with me yet don’t keep outrage in your heart, you’re not such an individual, don’t behave this way, you are truly overall quite obvious on the most fundamental level, don’t change for anybody, I figure your vehicle will work now. She goes. Jhilmil gets hot soup for Madhu. Madhu says I m stressed for Arjun. Jhilmil shows the jug. She says Gurumaa gave this. Madhu requests that what do. The man says every one of the competitors will have an actual assessment tomorrow. Rajjo says Arjun said he comes here each day. The man says no, he came after numerous months. She says it implies he was lying, in the event that he came for me, for what reason did he stow away, for what reason did his way of behaving change.

Rajjo swoons down. Arjun salvages her. She inquires as to for what reason did you save me on the off chance that you can’t stand me. She goes away.

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