Rajjo 2 january 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 2 january 2022

The Episode begins with Niharika says you changed for a long term benefit. Chirag says OK, his significant other has come to transform him. He tells about Rajjo. She says it implies you got hitched to Rajjo. Arjun says OK. He gets bashful. Chirag says he has done a ton for Rajjo, she is beautiful, she resembles my little girl. Niharika says how sweet and pulls Arjun’s cheek. She says I met her as the racer, presently I will meet her as your Rajjo. Arjun gets her. He presents Niharika, she is his companion, we can each other as Jai Veeru. Niharika says we will meet for the race, the very best. Arjun requests that Rajjo really do heat up. Rajjo’s shoe gets torn. Arjun says its sole has emerged. Jhilmil asks did you do this, I suspect as much. Madhu says who else will do. Jhilmil says Arjun will get new shoes for her. Arjun says don’t have the foggiest idea how did this occur, I will follow through with something, don’t stress. Rajjo says the market will be closed. The man requests that they come for the race. Rajjo attempts to fix the shoe. Pushkar says Rajjo, what happened now, your shoes. Arjun says the sole emerged. Pushkar says its all destiny, the race is starting, there is only one way currently, make her out of this race, disquality. Rajjo says no, don’t do this. He asks how did I respond, I didn’t tear your shoe. Jhilmil says Madhu did this. She grins. Arjun says give me an opportunity to orchestrate this. Pushkar says so heartbroken, I can’t disrupt the norms. Rajjo takes off the shoe and says I can run shoeless, right, its my fantasy, don’t break my fantasy, please.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Arjun additionally creases hands with Rajjo. Pushkar says this isn’t your town race, don’t burn through my time. Arjun says kindly pay attention to her. Madhu says Pushkar has stood by listening to you, you do as he is saying. Arjun says I m not doing what I need, Rajjo needs to run shoeless. Madhu says I can’t see you in a tough situation. Jhilmil says Rajjo can run one year from now. Rajjo cries.Arjun stops the young ladies and allures for Rajjo. Niharika says we have no issue. Mannu challenges Pushkar. Mentor says when nobody has a complaint, we ought to allow this young lady to run. Pushkar says fine, let her run. Arjun gets down on Rajjo. He wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer. Pushkar figures she will not get saved when she is shoeless and strolls over the current wire.

Rajjo 2

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 2 january 2022

Madhu requests that Rajjo give a chance to her connection, go on vacation with your better half. Rajjo asks what’s that. Arjun requests that Rajjo proceed to ask Mannu. Mannu enlightens Rajjo concerning honeymoon.

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