Rajjo 21 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 21 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rajjo getting profound and asking Arjun not to affront any destitute individual once more. She says the needy individual can be more extravagant than them tomorrow. She favors their loved ones. Madhu looks on. Pushkar looks on. Madhu says you will stay put, Rajjo. She says we as a whole misunderstand done much with you, I have consistently chided you, I need to apologize to you, you generally remained as Arjun’s shadow, however I offended you, my reasoning was so little, you never left Arjun ever, you have kept the marriage and performed a spouse’s responsibility, you have saved Arjun, you will stay put, just you should be called Arjun’s significant other, my choti bahu, Rajjo Arjun Singh Thakur. Everybody is stunned. Chirag and Sia grin. Madhu says Arjun, I reviled you for acquiring Rajjo our lives, I failed to remember that you can never commit any error, your heart was at its perfect spot. She cries and apologizes. She says you are Rajjo’s significant other. Kalindi grins. Mannu hears this and grins. Rajjo says no, Arjun had abrogated our marriage, he took my signs on the papers, gratitude for your words. Arjun expresses its over now, it was only a round of destiny. Madhu says I got late in understanding, yet presently Rajjo is Arjun’s significant other. Arjun and Rajjo talk by means of eyes. Arjun asks what is it that she need, I understand what’s in her heart. She says OK, I realize Urvashi is in your heart, so she needed to take you to America after marriage, you both planned to begin another life there, I wasn’t a major part of your life plan.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Madhu checks Arjun out. Rajjo says I have no whines, I just came to save you from Urvashi, I need to go from here at this point. He says right, you had chosen to leave me and go, respond to me. Madhu asks are they not understanding, they are hitched. She inquires as to for what reason is your maang void, where is your mangalsutra. Rajjo says I have taken out it, I ought to have done this before when Arjun broke the marriage. She cries. Madhu asks is a paper’s worth equivalent to the mangalsutra and sindoor. Mannu remembers to go out and see. Madhu brings the legal documents and consumes it. Sia applauds. Madhu says I had consumed your bond previously, I committed an error, I m not committing any error by consuming the legal documents. Mannu looks on. Madhu says I have consumed my awful reasoning additionally in the unadulterated fire. Mannu gets cheerful. Pushkar removes her to the room. He says I knew it, you remember everything. She snickers and chastens her. He says I will not lose, I won’t leave you. Chirag says Madhu is correct, Arjun and Rajjo make some noise your sentiments. Madhu says I will lose my reality, on the off chance that you leave from Arjun’s life. Sia asks Rajjo what’s happening with you. Madhu says they are obstinate, Chirag generally told about their connection, even Sia comprehended Arjun and Rajjo’s matching. Chirag asks are both of you tricking one another, you both are made for each other.Precap:
Madhu expresses swear on Arjun and let me know you feel nothing for Arjun. Pushkar reprimands Mannu. Madhu looks on.


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