Rajjo 23 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 23 December 2022

The Episode begins with Pushkar blowing up seeing Madhu. He tosses a jar. She requests that he pay attention to him first. He requests that what’s there say now. She says there is confidential. Arjun and Rajjo are in their room. Tujhse juda… plays… She ends the quiet. Madhu says I have thoroughly took care of my child, I aimlessly love him, I see no connection or humankind, I will do anything for my child, that is the reason I confined the parrot which had Arjun’s life in it. Pushkar acts. He says Arjun cried and your heart softened, you show demeanor that you are from a major family, you are an unfortunate young lady’s Saas. Madhu says Arjun’s destiny has a risky dosh in his Kundali. He gets shocked.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

She says he might have saved when he got hitched in the mahurat, the dosh would go on his better half. Arjun closes the entryway. Arjun and Rajjo contend. Kehne ko jashan-e-bahaara … .plays… He says I have made equivalent spot for us. Madhu says I was feeling better that Arjun is wedding Urvashi in mahurat, Urvashi will fall in harm’s way, its great that he got saved from the misrepresentation, however how might I save Arjun, you can see Kalindi whenever you need, how might I respond, so I got Arjun and Rajjo wedded. She says Rajjo needs to keep her obligation, when Rajjo gives a spouse’s all in all correct to Arjun, then, at that point, Arjun’s dosh will go to Rajjo, Arjun will live and she will bite the dust, I need this and this will occur. She grins and says I have enlivened Arjun’s room, with the goal that they join totally. Rajjo calls the marriage a split the difference. Arjun says OK. They attempt to talk. His siblings come and upset them. Arjun and Rajjo have an eyelock. Arjun goes with his siblings. Rajjo looks on.Pushkar jokes on Madhu, by telling about his father. He says this is visually impaired conviction, Kundali dosh isn’t anything, it’s a method for tricking the informed. Madhu says I trust in this, I will save Mrityunjay Jaap for Rajjo, its fine assuming she gets saved, else I couldn’t care less assuming she kicks the bucket, you have the connection with that young lady, you are her father, however I don’t think you need to bring this news out, so you likewise petition God for Arjun’s life and Rajjo’s passing. Mannu says Madhu is correct, I won’t educate Rajjo regarding Pushkar. She appeals to God for Rajjo. Rajjo comes and says I needed to converse with you, will be you fine. Mannu says OK, I m glad that you got a decent spouse, I believed you should get such a soul mate, who never lets you be. Rajjo says fail to remember it, inform me concerning the vehicle that hit you that day. Mannu says no, it was my error. Rajjo asks when did you get memory back. Mannu says I got to review everything in most recent couple of days. Rajjo asks would you like to let me know something. Mannu says OK, there is something.

Rajjo 19Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rajjo hears Arjun expressing terrible about his marriage bond. Rajjo cries. She says just Maai and my vocation are pixie for me.


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