Rajjo 23 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 23 November 2022

The Episode begins with Arjun and everybody seeing Urvashi’s video and crying. Urvashi requests that they save her by paying the payoff. Arjun asks Chirag not to tell anybody to the police. Overseer requests that they come and check the cctv film. Arjun says we will go there, come. They leave. The family stresses at home. Urvashi’s mum says kindly save my girl, please. Madhu and Pratap ask her not to stress, they won’t allow anything to happen to Urvashi. He requests that Kartik proceed to get cash. Kartik gets the cash. Pratap goes. Kalindi says the hunt is getting intriguing. Rough says I think their run will continue forever. Arjun and Rajjo are coming. She requests that he drive slow, he is in torment. She says I can’t see you in torment. Chirag requests that Rajjo unwind, Arjun is fine. Rajjo says no utilization to make sense of him. She cries.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Arjun says I don’t have the foggiest idea how is Urvashi. He contends with Rajjo. Chirag asks Arjun not to blow up with next to no real excuse. He says we as a whole are attempting to see as her. Arjun says Urvashi really likes me, she has endured a ton, since Rajjo came in my life… I was silly to conceal an outsider in my room on my commitment day, I have harmed her heart, Rajjo got after me since the marriage day. Rajjo says I didn’t accompany you, you got me today. Chirag says she is correct. Rajjo reviews Urvashi’s words. She figures you will be harmed when you know her reality, I wish we track down her and bring her back home. Madhu requests that Pushkar take the authorized firearm when he goes to protect Urvashi. Pushkar says all of you can go, I don’t have to come. He rationalizes. Pushkar says I will come and empower you, I will be there till some distance. Pratap requests that she come. Madhu implores. They all leave.They all arrive at the spot and meet Arjun. Madhu asks Arjun is he OK. He requests cash sack. She asks did you take prescriptions. Rajjo says I gave him medication. Madhu says I asked my child. He says nothing will happen to Urvashi. Urvashi’s father says if it’s not too much trouble, save her. He expresses stay here, criminal shouldn’t realize that you are here. Chirag embraces Arjun. They all ask. Arjun goes to the criminals. Rajjo rubs two stones to light the flash. She says doing this, Arjun will be secured. Chirag says you mean, you have safeguarded him by your requests. Arjun fends the sack and runs off. Chirag requests that Madhu keep tolerance. Rajjo sees Arjun in torment. She stresses. The family is hanging tight for Urvashi at home. Arjun and Rajjo have a second. Arjun says there is some development there. They see a vehicle coming. The criminal gets down the vehicle and takes the sack. He leaves in the vehicle. Rajjo pursues the vehicle and follows. Arjun likewise runs. She has a go at keeping the vehicle down and falls. He holds Rajjo and asks how could you imagine running and getting the vehicle. She says I wanted to get it, they escaped with the cash, sorry, I destroyed everything. She gets lightheaded. Arjun holds her. Madhu looks on. They return home. Arjun chides Rajjo with affection and really focuses on her. Sawaar nut case… plays…

Rajjo Today’s Episode Online

Arjun arrives at Urvashi. He battles with the hooligans. Urvashi says Rajjo got me grabbed. Rajjo says she is lying. Arjun says I got cheated. He requests that Rajjo get the proof.

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