Rajjo 24 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 24 January 2023

The Episode begins with Rajjo and Arjun sitting close to the huge fire. Gurumaa meets Madhu and Jhilmil. She asks what’s wrong. Madhu says Arjun left for US, Arjun and Rajjo had no connection as we needed. Gurumaa says nobody can turn into his defensive safeguard with the exception of Rajjo. Arjun gets unsteady. Rajjo holds him and says you have fever. She thinks he neglected to take his meds. She deals with him. Madhu requests some way. Gurumaa says nothing can happen now, he has an evil destiny, Rajjo needed to pass on rather him, however presently it will occur with Arjun. Rajjo stresses. Gurumaa says Arjun will not get saved. Madhu cries. Rajjo embraces Arjun. Arjun says I won’t allow anything to happen to you, I … .. She asks what. He holds her nearby. She says I m anxious to hear this. He thinks what am I doing, I ought to move away. He doesn’t let him go away.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

He figures I don’t need to kill her. She says all is well. He remembers to shut down this. He says sorry and moves away. She asks what happened abruptly, you held me close. He says I couldn’t care less, we ought to leave now. She embraces him and says we can remain back here. He says no. She requests that he express what’s in his heart. She says we both realize you needed to say something, I can’t endure it currently, tell me, is there anything. He says I don’t need to say anything, shut down these kiddish things, I need to leave from here. They go out. He says I won’t remain here. She says I m aiding you in going more distant from me, this ticket, you need to disappear. She insults him. She leaves and cries. Mannu gets Arjun’s call. Madhu hears her conversing with Arjun and chides her. She asks what’s happening, for what reason did you detach the call. Mannu expresses quiet down, he recently said. Madhu says I needed to hear his voice. Chirag expresses quiet down. Madhu says call Arjun and make me converse with him.Mannu says Arjun is here, not America. Madhu asks what, he is here. Mannu says OK, you didn’t allow me to say, they are here. Madhu asks who. Mannu says Arjun and Rajjo, their telephones are off, Arjun called by somebody’s telephone, they are fine, they are returning home. Madhu says he is getting back home, he is staying put. Chirag thinks. Arjun guides Rajjo. She requests that he leave, its her life. Arjun says I ought to leave for US. Rajjo finishes the blood test. Chirag and Niharika come to her. They find Rajjo sitting lost. Niharika asks where is Arjun. Chirag expresses accompany me. Pushkar says discard Rajjo’s blood test, we will not acknowledge her test, compose it in the report, go. Rajjo asks however for what reason, its my blood, I m great in sports, for what reason are you fouling up. Pushkar says you came yesterday for the blood test, you didn’t finish the tests. Arjun says she was with me yesterday, she was with her significant other. He holds her hand. She leaves his hand. Pushkar asks how could I see her here. Chirag says you are mixed up, they weren’t at home. Pushkar asks where were you both yesterday, presently everybody has to be aware. Arjun says its our matter, you don’t have to know it. Niharika says we will finish the tests. The specialist says blood reports say that Rajjo is completely fit to play the game. Individuals insult Pushkar. Pushkar tears the report and requests that the specialist leave. He says I exclude you Rajjo. Rajjo cries.

Rajjo 24 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Mannu requests that Rajjo accompany her. Rajjo faces Arjun and his love.


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