Rajjo 28 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 28 December 2022

The Episode begins with the family having the food. Mannu sees Rajjo serving the food. Rajjo says I can’t say the recipe. Kalindi asks is this a top secret, we didn’t help you, so you won’t tell us. Sia says I will ask Rajjo. Rajjo says I can’t tell anything since I didn’t make this, I don’t know cooking, Madhu has requested this from outside, since she realized I don’t know cooking, I don’t have a clue about the names of this food dishes, she did this with the goal that you don’t reprimand me. Jhilmil says as much, this is a party from Madhu’s side. Rajjo says unfortunately much obliged, I can’t lie. Madhu says its fine, I realize you are valid, its my mix-up that I was unable to tell them, you can’t cook. Rajjo says no, I have made pahaadi food. They request that she get it. Rajjo gets the food. Arjun sees her staggering and goes to help her. They get the food. Rajjo says I have made this dish with Maai’s gifts. Jhilmil jokes.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

They all look on. Arjun sees everybody. He requests that Rajjo serve him the food. Rajjo serves the food to him. They have a second. Chirag says this is known as a second, I will click a pic. Mannu looks on and grins. Arjun giggles and feels modest. Rajjo grins. Madhu checks them out. Chirag jokes on Arjun. Madhu says Rajjo has made the food, I will likewise taste it. Jhilmil and Kartik joke. They all have the food. They begin hacking. Rajjo stresses. They all hydrate. They think that it is zesty. Rajjo asks Arjun how is it. Arjun says mind blowing, delectable. Chirag says its great to the point that we are getting tears of joy. Rajjo says gracious, I see now, the food got zesty, we add a lot of bean stew in the food there. Sia says it is excessively hot. Arjun says its scrumptious, yet ward the chillies off. They request desserts. They eat desserts. Pushkar comes and asks did I miss anything in food. Jhilmil says you got saved. Madhu requests that he have sweets.Arjun and Rajjo grin seeing one another. Mannu signs Madhu about Pushkar. Madhu goes to Mannu. She says I will let you know myself, the family welcomed him home. Mannu asks yet for what good reason, he doesn’t need the advancement for my little girl. Madhu says he is Kalindi’s father, else I would have not permitted him. Madhu acts sweet.

Rajjo 23Rd December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Arjun converses with Pushkar. He says in the event that Rajjo is allowed an opportunity in running, she can make her vocation, this will be a major blessing on us. Pushkar says I will do however much I can, in the event that she is before me, I can prepare her and guide her. Arjun says thanks to him. Pushkar says I can’t be uncalled for, she needs to give a test and clear it, you make Rajjo a housewife, not a sprinter. Arjun says she needs to turn into a sprinter. Pushkar says I comprehend your feelings, my foundation has the best competitors. Arjun says advise them to overcome my Rajjo and show. Pushkar says fine, I will make enrolments on Sunday. He tells the record of the best sprinter. He says its difficult to break this record, in any case, the very best. He leaves.

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Pushkar contends with Mannu. She says you be careful, your girl is additionally here, I don’t have any idea everything I would agree to them. She goes. He says Arjun requested that I take Rajjo to my games foundation, are you stunned. He chuckles. He says Arjun will leave her at my foundation, I think this time I m going to win once more, Rajjo will run till her life’s final gasp, poor Mannu, how might you save Rajjo now. Arjun says I will get Rajjo’s affirmation in Pushkar’s foundation. Rajjo says I can’t completely accept that my fantasy is turning valid, my destiny is great to the point that my desire is materializing.

Arjun and Rajjo home. Madhu spikes the lassi. Arjun and Rajjo draw near romantically.

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