Rajjo 3 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 3 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rajjo saying I need to bring Urvashi’s reality before Arjun, Chirag instructed me to do this, I wish everything occurs in support of Arjun, then we need to leave all that and go, my heart is throbbing a ton. She embraces Mannu. Pushkar comes and requests that Rajjo proceed to give food to his driver. Rajjo goes. He figures I will cause annihilation tomorrow. He leaves. Mannu cries. Its morning, Chirag sees Madhu requesting that Rajjo accomplish the design work. He stops Arjun and says Rajjo got an electric shock while filling water in the cooler, she is in the medical clinic. Arjun asks what, for what reason didn’t you tell me. He sees Rajjo in the house and stops. He checks Chirag out. Chirag smiles.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Arjun asks what was this. Chirag says a little test, you fizzled, we have no cooler in our home, you recently began running, your psyche didn’t work, simply your heart worked, think from heart in some cases. He goes. Arjun checks Rajjo out. Madhu asks Arjun not to think, Rajjo has caught Chirag, very soon he will likewise will detects. She says you need to wed Urvashi, center around her, Rajjo’s considerations will destroy you. She goes to Pushkar. She says Chirag is conditioning Arjun. Pushkar asks her not to stress, he will deal with the matter. Arjun says no, Rajjo is as yet unchanged, don’t consider anything. He sees Rajjo getting the variety fliers. He grins. Goriye… plays… Chirag comes and prods Arjun. Arjun asks Pankhudi how could you like my sherwani. She says astonishing, you looked shocking. He says its Urvashi’s decision and I like her. She says she has won your love. Rajjo lashes out. He commends Urvashi a ton. She mumbles. He asks Pankhudi not to let Urvashi know that he lauded her a great deal, else she will call him around evening time and request that he acclaim her. He asks Rajjo for what good reason is she ridiculing his Urvashi. She says OK. He inquires as to why, are you desirous. She asks were you making me desirous or guaranteeing yourself, you are likewise terrified of wedding her. She prods him and goes. She says Urvashi ought to cause me to accomplish this work, I will consume her hair. She hears Urvashi chatting on call. Urvashi gets coerced by cash. She says how might I get 10 lakhs in 10 mins. She goes. Rajjo remembers to uncover her. Urvashi goes to Kalindi and coerces her. She requests 10 lakhs. She compromises about uncovering her. Kalindi gives her the cash. Rajjo says Urvashi may be compromising Kalindi, however why, what’s the mystery. Urvashi asks Kalindi not to burn through her time. She goes. Kalindi sits upset.

Rajjo Today’s Episode Online

Mannu says I can converse with Rajjo and come clean with her. She crashes into Pushkar. He says you were searching for Rajjo to do arranging and plotting, its my work, I will do awful. He goes. She says I need to come clean to Pushkar. Urvashi leaves the house and meets the moneylender. Rajjo follows. She attempts to make the video. The man chastens Urvashi. She says I comprehended, keep the cash, I will give the leftover cash later. He says orchestrate the huge sum till night, else I will come to make a devastation. Rajjo says I can’t record anything. Urvashi stresses. Rajjo inquires as to for what reason is Kalindi supporting Urvashi.

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 December 2022

Mannu and Rajjo work. Arjun and Rajjo click a selfie. Mannu trusts that Rajjo will tell her beginning and end. Rajjo sees Arjun with Urvashi, and cries. Mannu becomes inebriated and hits Pushkar with a slipper.

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