Rajjo 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 3 January 2023

The Episode begins with Arjun saying that wire had current. Pushkar figures how could he see that. Arjun says I did this to save Rajjo’s life. Pushkar says I told you not to keep this race at any terrible spot, my foundation has some name. Madhu requests that he pronounce the champ’s name. Pushkar declares the other participants and the champ Niharika. Arjun says you didn’t take Rajjo’s name. Pushkar says she didn’t finish the race. Arjun says she was in front of Niharika. Pushkar says one who arrives at the end goal wins. Arjun says there was a veritable explanation, what’s Rajjo’s misstep. Pushkar says I m sorry, I can do nothing. Rajjo asks what will I do of sorry. Pushkar makes Niharika wear the decoration. Madhu says you don’t stand by listening to me, fail to remember it, I will cause you to prepare, return home with me. Rajjo cries. She says I need to remain alone for quite a while. Madhu inquires as to why, your mum is along. Rajjo says I need to be distant from everyone else, my psyche isn’t working, apologies. She goes.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Madhu lashes out. Rajjo sits crying. Arjun goes to Pushkar. He says simply pay attention to me for 5 mins. Rajjo says no, I need to converse with Arjun about this. Pushkar asks what is it that you need to say. Arjun says you keep the race once more, I realize Rajjo can win, please. Pushkar says you love her, yet she is utilizing you, tell her, you can’t help her now. Rajjo comes and hears them. Pushkar says this marriage is constrained on you, how long will you drag this, you can’t endure that young lady for a really long time. Arjun says don’t utilize such words, I could do without it, I don’t have a clue about the eventual fate of our connection, I need to make her future, I believe she should never look for help from anybody, I maintain that she should run with certainty and carry on with existence with confidence. Pushkar asks him not to take this on his heart and end this marriage. Arjun says this marriage is definitely not a game for me, sports turned into a demon part of the marriage, I simply believe that Rajjo should just run, she remains in front of everybody, regardless of whether she disappears from me. Rajjo says I realize this marriage is devil for you, yet all at once not much. She goes. Arjun says Rajjo can come out on top in the race, I m sure. Pushkar argues.Arjun safeguards Rajjo and goes. Pushkar says I will complete Rajjo totally. Mannu asks how did this wire fall here, she isn’t protected here. She gets some information about the wire. The man says its some mishap, say thanks to God, nothing major occurred. She says Arjun has saved my Rajjo, I wish he generally remains with her. Rajjo is miserable. She thinks about her loss. Niharika comes. She utilizes Arjun’s aroma. She says I wish to pull his cheeks. She prods Rajjo about Arjun. Madhu eats desserts out of frustration. Jhilmil asks her what occurred. Madhu says I m so stressed. Jhilmil says you would have a major shock. Madhu says I had wanted to save Arjun, Arjun and Rajjo need to join together, nothing can happen to Rajjo before this, we need to accomplish something soon, however what. Niharika gets well disposed with Rajjo. She tells about Chirag and Kalindi’s connection. She recounts their accounts. Rajjo giggles. Niharika asks her to constantly grin and remain blissful, don’t treat game in a serious way, simply don’t lose in your life. She energizes Rajjo. She says I have seen regular ability in you, you really want some preparation, you will be like a taking a chance with star. Rajjo says OK. Niharika wishes her. Rajjo says I lost the opportunity of a lifetime. Niharika says I have a proposal for you, will you agree.

Rajjo 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Madhu requests that Rajjo invest energy with Arjun on their wedding trip. Arjun gets some information about it. Rajjo gets stunned when Mannu tells about honeymoon.


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