Rajjo 31 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 31 December 2022

The Episode begins with Arjun and Rajjo cleaning their teeth and reviewing the last evening. They believe today’s an exceptional day. He asks what occurred. She says I feel frightened. He says everybody feels frightened. She says I m frightened of losing, I got this running ability from mum’s legacy, on the off chance that I bomb in running… her expectations will break, I m exceptionally terrified. He says its great, you truly care for it, I care for the family, you realize I don’t have one kidney. She says OK, Chirag and you… He says we had a mishap, specialist let me know that Chirag will not get saved, I believed I ought to likewise bite the dust, I was unable to consider living without him, Chirag urged me to continue on and go to US, he instructed me to not stress and satisfy my fantasy, we upheld one another, the family misjudged Chirag, he was driving great, a truck hopped the sign and did the mishap, it was Chirag’s misfortune, Chirag and Kalindi’s hitched life endured. Yet again he expresses gratitude toward her for saving Chirag from his enslavement, you will win like generally. He goes. She washes her face.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Madhu and Pushkar have a discussion. She says Rajjo ought to be fine so she saves Arjun. He thinks she is trusting notions. She says make Rajjo out of this race. He requests that she quiet down, this is Rajjo’s last race of her life, I have areas of strength for a for Rajjo, she is coming to handle Rajjo. She asks who is she. Niharika is seen. Rajjo says I need to come out on top in this race for my friends and family. Mannu comes and empowers her. She requests that she not get anxious. Rajjo takes her favors. Madhu favors her and requests that she win. Arjun looks on. Chirag wishes Rajjo and asks her not to get terrified. He asks Arjun is he strained. Arjun says OK. Chirag says I know it all. Arjun says I simply maintain that Rajjo should run and continue to run, she needs to win awards and acclaim, I believe this should be in her destiny. Chirag placates him. He says proceed to hold Rajjo’s hand, support her. Arjun recollects Rajjo’s words. He says no, Rajjo needs to satisfy this fantasy alone, let her do it single-handedly, I m fine remaining behind her. Chirag goes. Arjun sees Rajjo and requests that she quiet down. He petitions God for her. Pushkar says I have quite recently begun my game. Rajjo thinks who is coming, for what reason are they hanging tight for. The young ladies acclaim Niharika who generally wins. Rajjo thinks who is coming, I must be equivalent to her. Niharika comes. Rajjo says sorry. Niharika says excused, cheerful at this point. Rajjo says I will be cheerful when I win. Niharika presents herself. Arjun says she is a race champion, she won state level for quite a long time, she won gold medallist, she is Pushkar’s more youthful girl, she was getting prepared in America. Rajjo says she is truly capable. Pushkar embraces Niharika. He gets profound. He requests that she meet everyone.Niharika meets everybody. Pushkar says I trust Niharika. Niharika welcomes Arjun. Rajjo sees them. Arjun embraces Niharika and says you didn’t say you have come. She says it was a shock. Arjun and Niharika have a cordial banter.

Rajjo 27Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Niharika and Rajjo run. The live wire is in Rajjo’s path.


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