Rajjo 4 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 4 february 2023

The Episode begins with Chirag stressing. He asks Sia did you hear Madhu discussing Magar Taal. Sia says OK, I got terrified and she was additionally frightened. He asks who was she conversing with, did you hear any name. Sia says no. Kalindi sends Sia to school. He says on the off chance that Sia heard it… Kalindi says she is a youngster, it doesn’t make any difference, I comprehend you need everybody’s great, you are delicate about Arjun and Rajjo, however kindly comprehend, you’re not Madhu’s fav child, our life is coming on target, remember that you are somebody’s child too. Madhu says let me know quick. The man says I got what you needed from Magar taal, nobody saw me going there. Rajjo asks what’s this. Madhu says give me that cover. Rajjo says I came to apologize to you, you had some awareness of Mannu, this is the verification. Madhu says no, pay attention to me. Rajjo rushes to Arjun and shows the cover. She says this cover has a proof against Madhu, it will demonstrate she had some awareness of Mannu going to the lake, I heard her conversing with this man in the storeroom. Madhu inquires as to how could I do this. She requests that Arjun trust her. Rajjo actually looks at the cover. She gets some dirt. She thinks there isn’t anything in this. She stresses. Madhu asks what occurred, are you fulfilled now, you are off-base, this dirt is rich, so I got this example for the plant. Rajjo inquires as to for what reason did you request that this man stow away and go. Madhu says our business is large, individuals are after us to realize our work model. Mukund says Pushkar maintains that should do another business with me. Jhilmil says I need to be aware since when is Madhu entering this business.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Rajjo says I m saying reality. Jhilmil says its breaking point. Pratap says its off-base, Madhu won’t hurt your mum, she is embarrassed for her mix-up. Madhu argues and cries. She asks would you like to make me out of the house. She gets woozy. Arjun and Chirag run and hold her. Madhu apologizes and asks will I get discredited consistently, I m not all that awful. Arjun embraces her and control center. He asks Rajjo what has been going on with you. Rajjo contends with him. He says I conversed with Nanku, he addressed Biswa, Mannu is fine. Rajjo says pause, did you converse with Mannu. He says no, how could Nanku lie, how might you feel that my family can hurt your mum. Rajjo gets out whatever we are seeing isn’t correct. Madhu converses with Pushkar. She says everybody thinks Rajjo is going frantic, according to your arrangement, I caused Rajjo to hear all that, she proceeded to do a show before everybody. Pushkar says now she will think from her heart and not figure out our arrangement. He chuckles. Rajjo takes Chirag outside. She says Arjun has no faith in me. He says I trust you. She says don’t lie, I simply need to articulate my thoughts, stand by listening to me, I need to see as my mum. He says I realize kids are associated with guardians, you realize Mannu well, stand by listening to your heart, it’s something major, get more verification. She says I can’t find anything, Arjun addressed Nanku, Nanku said Mannu is in town, how could Mannu call him rather me. He requests that she go to Nanku and converse with her, we will drop you, you can definitely relax. She says OK. Madhu comes. Rajjo says sorry, I didn’t see you. Madhu acts to take consent from her. She requests that she really take a look at the tiffin. Kalindi signs Chirag to hush up. Rajjo apologizes to Madhu. Madhu requests that Kalindi drop her to the workplace, so Rajjo gets a proof. They leave. Rajjo arrives at Nanku’s house.Pushkar calls Madhu and says my men are with Nanku, Rajjo arrived at there, how might I vanish Nanku, would you be able to stop her. She says I can’t make her uncertainty me, its your work to quiet down Nanku, she shouldn’t utter a word. Rajjo says Nanku isn’t at home. She hears some sound and says it implies Nanku is inside, for what reason isn’t he replying. Thug undermines Nanku. Nanku cries.

Rajjo 4 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Arjun asks did you call the police for Madhu. Rajjo says OK, I went to meet Nanku Kaka, just Madhu knew it. Arjun and Rajjo fight.


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