Rajjo 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 8 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rajjo 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 8 february 2023

The Episode begins with Rajjo crying and venturing back. She tumbles down and holds the edge of the precipice. Sia requests that Arjun cut the cake. Niharika says cut it for the good of Sia. Kalindi says OK, you look stressed. Madhu says they came here for the wellbeing of you. Arjun says I wish Rajjo gets fine and returns home soon. Swara says I additionally need this. Mukund requests that she shut up. Everybody sings the birthday melody. He says sorry Sia, I won’t cut the cake until Rajjo gets fine and returns home. Arjun searches for his telephone. He calls the clinic. Nurture asks what will I tell Arjun. Specialist says you let him know that Rajjo is getting treated. Nurture deceives Rajjo. Arjun says I need to converse with Rajjo, I will require 2 mins to send police there. She says really, she has taken off by stirring things up around town young men, we were unable to see as her. He is stunned. He supplicates and leaves from the balcony.

Written Update Rajjo 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Pushkar and Madhu celebrate and drink. She takes a juice drink. She says I m stressed that Rajjo can return. He says Mannu is dead, we have dealt with Rajjo additionally, she doesn’t have anything. Madhu says she is not entirely settled, what might be said about Arjun, he isn’t conversing with anybody. Pushkar says it works out, give him some time, he will fail to remember everything, he will fail to remember Rajjo and her romantic tale too. Arjun comes to Magar taal and searches for Rajjo. Tujhse juda… .plays… He tumbles down. He gets stunned seeing Rajjo covered inside the heap of dry leaves. He requests that she get up and see, he has come. He yells Rajjo. The wine bottle breaks all alone. Pushkar asks how did this break on own, something is off-base. Madhu says wind has made the jug fall. Pushkar says no, it separated first and afterward fell. Madhu says I will return home and clean my garments, drink less, you are becoming old. She leaves. He inquires as to for what reason am I terrified, Mannu is dead, Rajjo can’t emerge from the snare. The lights gleam. He sees Mannu’s apparition and yells. He gets terrified. Arjun requests that Rajjo open eyes.He yells for help. Rajjo opens eyes. He says I guarantee, I won’t make you away from me. Pushkar calls the specialist. Specialist says Rajjo has taken off, we were unable to find her anyplace. Pushkar is stunned. He expresses out loud whatever’s going on. Arjun deals with Rajjo. He says hit me, I fouled up with you. Yaar mila hai… plays… Madhu comes to Pushkar. She says you are tipsy, you went downhill, so you are seeing dead individuals, Mannu is dead. Pushkar says no, her soul is here. She terrifies him and chuckles. He says I have seen her soul. She asks did you go about your responsibilities competently, for what reason are you frightened, what are you stowing away from me.

Rajjo 8 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

He says OK, however Rajjo has taken off. She asks what, she has taken off. She lashes out on him. He asks how might we track down Rajjo. They hear family discussing Rajjo. Madhu goes out to see. Arjun says Rajjo had taken off, I tracked down her oblivious at the lakeside. Madhu says we ought to send her back to the clinic. Arjun says Rajjo’s life can be at serious risk. Madhu says you stress for her, shouldn’t something be said about us. Arjun takes Rajjo with him. Madhu contends. He says Rajjo will stay put, she will remain here, I assume liability of her, its my last decision.

Rajjo 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 8 february 2023

Pushkar sees Mannu’s apparition. Mannu says proceed to come clean to Rajjo, how you killed me, you are her father. He runs. Mannu gets found out in the fire. Rajjo saves her.

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