Rajjo 6 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 6 December 2022

The Episode begins with Pushkar seeing Mannu getting impacted by the medication. He says bhaang has begun to show impact, I need to taker her to the room and know reality. Urvashi says my father has humiliated me commonly, however I won’t excuse him this time. Arjun asks how did he respond. She says he has entered wrong pin and stalled his ATM card out in the machine. He says it’s something seemingly insignificant. She says I don’t have the card to purchase anything for you, I was unable to apply for another card as a result of Rajjo’s theatrics, I need to make installments today, I needed to give 11 lakhs to the NGO kids, its so humiliating. Arjun says I will give you cash, you frightened me, truly. She thanks him.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

He gets a call. He requests that she get the card from his wallet. Urvashi says I will get 30 lakhs and pay the moneylenders. She requests the PIN. Arjun tells the PIN. She says I will proceed to get the cash, you become more attractive till then, at that point. She embraces him. Rajjo looks on. She says Arjun will stop you now. Chirag helps Mannu in work. Pushkar gets angry.Chirag requests that the attendant give drugs to Mannu. Arjun says I will prepare and come. Urvashi says now nobody will inconvenience me. Rajjo shouts. Urvashi loses the card. Arjun asks what occurred. She says Rajjo has taken the card. Rajjo asks what stalled out to my hand. Rajjo ruins the card. Urvashi blows up. Arjun says it won’t work now. Urvashi inquires as to why, its your card. Rajjo jokes. Arjun says sit back and relax. Urvashi says I want the card to make installments. He says I will make the money installments, relax. He asks her not to go out. Urvashi goes. Rajjo moves. Arjun requests that she dance in tilak. He expresses go to Urvashi rapidly. He goes out. Mannu goes to her room and falls. Pushkar says I will take her with me to know reality, watch out for her. He goes. Mannu leaves the room. Nurture gets going on some call. Urvashi makes Rajjo catch a reel. She gets a call. She requests that Rajjo go out. Rajjo contemplates the call. Urvashi accepts the call. Mannu sees Pushkar on stand by. She lashes out and tosses her shoe at him. He lashes out and turns. She swoons down. He asks who did this, come in front. Pratap asks what occurred. Pushkar says somebody has tossed a shoe at me.

Rajjo Today’s Episode Online

Pratap asks who can do this. Chirag requests that the staff say who did this. Mannu says I have done this. She snickers. She says I will tell everything to Rajjo. Rajjo says I will take a brief trip and see Maai, will she stay fine. She turns and sees Arjun coming. She grins. Buddy… plays… Rajjo clicks his pics. She requests that he present please. He presents. She clicks more pics. He strolls to her. He takes a selfie with her. She says you seem to be a legend see. Her fantasy closes. He asks what’s going on with you. She says I was clicking pics, Urvashi told me. He says the telephone isn’t great, pic won’t come great. She says you are attractive, pic will come great, Urvashi told this. He inquires as to for what reason are you gazing at cast awful sight on me. She says I was seeing your garments, I heard garments show wealth of an individual, I need to realize this to trap somebody. She goes. He says genuinely… She says Arjun will happen to Urvashi. She reviews his words. The tilak capability began. Rough comes to Kalindi. She goes. Madhu says Urvashi would be coming, all of you appreciate. Urvashi gets the moneylender’s voice note. She says this happened due to Rajjo. The man returns home with a bouquet. Chirag asks Sia for what reason is she vexed. Sia says I need Rajjo, not Urvashi, request that Arjun not wed Urvashi. Chirag says you can petition Slam ji, he pays attention to kids. Rajjo sees the attendant. Nurture says Mannu hasn’t arrived, I will proceed to check. Rajjo says perhaps she went out, they give a lot of work to her. Mannu gets dizzy.

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 6 December 2022

Rajjo and Chirag get Mannu there. Mannu says I need to let you know a reality. Chirag and Rajjo get stunned seeing Rough and Kalindi romancing.

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