Rajjo 8 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 8 December 2022

The Episode begins with the man saying I got this phony pigeon feather, individuals save this for karma. He embraces Urvashi’s father and insults him. Rajjo says uncover her reality. Arjun sees Rajjo remaining close to the light. Arjun transfers ownership of her to get. She flies off the handle and demonstrations of consuming her dupatta. Arjun stresses and goes to her. He says you are behaving recklessly. She says OK. They contend. He insults her about Vicky. Mannu strolls in the hall. The man says I got the cash, so I m quiet. Urvashi asks what, who gave it. He says your darling. She asks Arjun? He says I didn’t say groom, I said your darling. He shows the person coming. Urvashi says Naman… and grins seeing him. Rajjo slams into Naman. Arjun gets envious. He embraces Naman. Naman asks how are you Arjun. Everybody grins seeing him. Arjun asks how was your US trip. Naman says you were in rush to wed Urvashi, so I have come. He embraces Chirag and others.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

He embraces Dadu and says you are my genuine Dadu. Kartik and Pratap say Chacha ji is very much like our father. Naman sees Urvashi. Madhu says I realized Naman is coming. Dadi says Arjun, as Pratap is frightened of Madhu, I m likewise terrified of my bahurani, I illuminated her about Naman’s coming. Madhu requests that Rajjo get the stuff. Pratap asks is everything fine among Anil and Shobha. Naman says no, I figure nothing will get fine. Pratap requests that he appreciate. Jhilmil says Naman came alone, it implies Anil and Shobha’s battle didn’t end. Madhu says he has seen a great deal since youth, so we kept him here in youth, he went to guardians when he developed up.Rajjo inquires as to for what reason didn’t the moneylender say anything. Arjun says I m delighted to see you here, you completed school with Urvashi and me, and went to US. Naman praises Urvashi. She expresses gratitude toward him. Rajjo says Arjun’s family is so enormous, I simply have Mannu. Madhu requests that Arjun have every one of the desserts. Naman says don’t take pressure, I have gone about your responsibilities. Urvashi asks did you pay the moneylender. He grins. Rajjo looks on.

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Madhu does the ceremonies. Urvashi’s father does his tilak and gives gifts. Kalindi asks what has been going on with Sia. Chirag says she doesn’t need Urvashi chachi. Sia says I have asked, I simply need Rajjo. Pushkar comes and searches for Mannu. Nurture says I didn’t view as her. He asks where did she go. Pratap and Kartik joke. Rajjo sees Urvashi and Naman going aside. Mannu is outside the house. Naman says I will meet you regularly in my viewpoints. Urvashi says don’t say gibberish, I m wedding Arjun. He says it didn’t as yet work out, get to the meaningful part, I got to be familiar with this issue and saved you, you didn’t lose the propensity to spending cash, your folks are a specialist in this. She says you can be after me as a little dog, I m just of my Arjun. He says I know, you saw his bank proclamation, how might I fail to remember that day, you picked his cash rather my affection. She says I love Arjun. He says oof, I got much injured. Naman says I likewise got rich now, you can ask me anything, you have not a great explanation to dismiss me, leave Arjun and pick me. Urvashi requests that he stop it. Rajjo sees them. Urvashi expresses gratitude for aiding me, however I will simply wed Arjun. Mannu goes inside the house. She yells. Rajjo hears her and rushes to see. Mannu says everybody will pay attention to me now. She falls. Chirag and Rajjo hold her. Madhu stops Arjun. Urvashi and Naman return. Rajjo asks are you fine. Mannu expresses pay attention to me, I need to let them know a major truth. Pushkar worries.

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Pushkar says we will take her inside. Mannu says this man is nauseating. Rajjo and Chirag get stunned seeing Kalindi and Rough romancing.

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