Rajjo 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Rajjo Written Update 9 January 2023

The Episode begins with Arjun saying we will become companions, and not stay quiet. Rajjo grins. They sit talking and get to know one another. He prods her. She gets befuddled. She beats him with the pad. They chuckle. He says the day when I saved you was my life’s best second, I imply that flood day. Hawa ke jhoke… plays… They grin and talk. Rough says OK Maasi, I will come tomorrow. He closes call and says I m coming Kalindi. Its morning, Arjun awakens. He sees Rajjo holding his hand. Rajjo awakens and sees Arjun. They get up and feel abnormal. Madhu asks Jhilmil would everything occur between them. Arjun and Rajjo come ground floor. He says you both here out of nowhere, is everything fine. Jhilmil says OK, she got a terrible dream and we came here to see. Rough comes and welcomes them. Kalindi comes and stresses seeing him. Chirag comes. Arjun goes to call Niharika. Madhu holds Rajjo’s hand. Chirag signs Rajjo and goes out. Madhu says you are blissful or stressed. Rajjo doesn’t say anything, I m fine. Madhu requests that she say, how was the evening. Rajjo says great. Madhu says I m like your mum, tell me. Rajjo says the night was great, I got worn out, yet Arjun didn’t stop, we talked throughout the evening. Madhu asks what. Rajjo says great discussions. Madhu says it implies you both just talked throughout the evening. Rajjo says no, we moved and sang melodies. Madhu gets angry.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Chirag punches Rough’s face. He admonishes Rough and protects Kalindi. He says simply avoid Kalindi. Madhu asks where is Rough. Rajjo holds Kalindi’s hand. Chirag says Kalindi and I need to leave now. Jhilmil says its alright, you might go. Arjun says we will likewise leave with you. Rajjo says OK, I additionally need to go in light of the fact that… Kalindi says you may be feeling the loss of your mum, come, we will leave now. Madhu says I will come down on them.Everyone returns home. They all examine about the game. Madhu won’t play. Kalindi stresses. Rajjo converses with Chirag about Rough. She says you can’t prevent him from coming. He says I have cautioned him. She inquires as to whether he considers getting payback since you have beaten him. He says I didn’t think about it, I requested that Kalindi be cautious, on the off chance that Rough comes, we can see him. He requests that she watch out. He says I don’t need Rough to affront Kalindi. She says I will watch out. Rough returns home and gets the conveyance fellow. Rajjo opens the entryway. She opens the entryway and doesn’t see anybody. She goes to pick the food bundles. Rough goes into the house.
Rajjo and Arjun sentiment. Ang laga de re… plays… Arjun hears reality from Gurumaa. He says we aren’t made for each other.


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