Saavi Ki Savaari 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Saavi Ki Savaari 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 18 february 2023

The Episode begins with Saavi thinking where could Mr be. Dalmia? Nityam comes there. He tells her great morning and gives her tea to Vedika. Vedika gets out whatever happened yesterday. Nityam tells that he had gone to cultivate region and sees that landscaper and your hardwork is paid off, the plants are brimming with blossoms, however mogra blossoms haven’t come. Vedika expresses still there is at some point for it. Nityam says I’m going for office and will eat with everybody today. He says he will get back home at 1 pm. Vedika says you used to eat in office. Nityam tells that he needs to have food like they used to have in celebrations and requests that she pursue everything of his decision. He goes. Saavi gets cheerful and embraces Vedika, tells that Mr. Dishaheen came in good shape. Vedika says he was ordinary and questions. Saavi says everything is fine.

Written Update Saavi Ki Savaari 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Krishna is stressed for Shivam and says he didn’t come since yesterday. He calls him. Shivam comes there unfortunately. Krishna tells that he was going to arrive at the PS to record his missing grievance. He inquires as to whether you are lamenting to dump Sonam. Shivam tells that yesterday he felt bliss which he couldn’t in 15 years and afterward the entirety of his past glimmered infront of his eyes, due to which he had took off from home. Krishna requests that he sit and have tea and spruce up his state of mind, then, at that point, let me know everything from the start.Himesh brings tea while Dimpy brings treats for Dada ji and UD. Dada ji inquires as to why he is yelling tea. Himesh says your dear child brought tea for you. Dimpy says dear girl in regulation brought treats for you, made by her. UD says we don’t drink tea, I drink green juice and you drink kada. Dimpy requests that she disrupt her norms for a day, and says Himesh made it with affection. She says she requests that Himesh take it from that point. UD and Dada ji take the beverage and say it is great. Dimpy inquires as to whether Nityam has excused his criminal sibling in the sanctuary. UD inquires as to whether she needs to discuss this when we are having tea. Himesh admonishes her and requests that Dimpy leave. UD reproves Dimpy. Dada ji says he needs to converse with Nityam about his will.

Saavi Ki Savaari 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Vedika tells that Nityam never enjoys this, and tells that he called and said that he needs dal bafle. Saavi tells that something is peculiar as he gave all his garments for laundry.

Saavi Ki Savaari 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 18 february 2023

Nityam is in his office. Kiran shows him two choices of home, 5 room condo and 8 room with porch home. Nityam says 2 room is sufficient. Kiran says it won’t fit in your necessity or property list. Nityam requests that he book anything he loves and says there will be no organization issues, no traffic sounds and so on. Kiran says we made a few cards list. Nityam expresses out loud whatever is critical to me is that no one will be aware of this.

Saavi tells Vedika that Dal bafle is prepared, and she will request that Girdhar make remaining. She says she will go to office and enquire. Vedika says in the event that he inquires as to yourself? Saavi says he won’t ask you. She goes. Nityam meets the investigator Sachin and gets some information about missing individual Raksham Dalmia, who is absent since 12 years and says his age is 25 years. That’s what analyst tells in the event that gets any data, will get in touch with him. Nityam asks him to simply contact Vedika Dalmia. He leaves the lodge. She sees Nityam proceeding to stow away. She comes to his lodge and starts looking through in the dustbin. Kiran comes there and inquires as to whether Nityam saw you. Saavi says no and tells that he is acting distinctively since morning. She inquires as to whether he knows anything, then, at that point, tell. Kiran asks her not to ask him anything as he can’t tell her. Saavi inquires as to whether there is something which I will be aware. He says OK, yet he can’t tell and goes. Saavi thinks Maa is right.

Sonam gets back. Ratna asks where could Shivam be? Sonam says he said that he will remain on his feet first prior to uncovering about this mysterious marriage. She asks how was the evening? Sonam figures she was unable to rest on the Ashram’s wrecked bed. She requests that she feel disgrace. Ratna inquires as to why you are not grinning. Sonam grins and goes. The fact that Sonam is hitched makes ratna happy. Saavi calls vedika and tells that she got nothing, and says it appears Mr. Dalmia undermined everybody to close their mouth. Vedika requests that she proceed with her hunt. Nityam calls Vedika. Vedika goes to eat with Nityam and others. Saavi sees Notice that trip to Delhi is postponed by 1:30 hrs. She thinks Mr. Dalmia is going to Delhi without illuminating anybody, for what reason is he stowing away from Maa. She calls the workers and asks them, why he is going to Delhi and why he took one way ticket. Kiran tells her beginning and end. Saavi is stunned. Nityam contacts Vedika’s feet and embraces her. He says he has taken this choice seeing Maa longing for Raksham, he took this choice for her satisfaction. He waves her bye and leaves in the vehicle. He figures Raksham will get back to you, regardless of whether I stay or not.

Precap: Nityam ponders Vedika. Saavi calls Vedika and requests that she stop Mr. Dalmia. Saavi tells her that Mr. Dalmia is moving to Delhi perpetually, disappearing from us. Vedika is stunned and tells the relatives. Saavi comes there. Vedika requests that she search Nityam. They go to stop him.

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