Sanjog 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Sanjog Written Update 26 November 2022

Scene 1
Rajeev tells Lakshita that I am upset for being furious with you previously. Lakshita says I simply need to accompany you. They draw nearer yet Amrita comes there. Lakshita says I came here to show my ipad to him, he made it work once more, she leaves.

Written Update Sanjog Today Episode

Chanda brings desserts for Panna and Heera however they yell at her that they don’t need this, she is getting gold chains and they are not. Chanda says I needed to be with you just, I didn’t need this new family, I don’t for even a moment need this gold chain. She is going to take it off yet Gauri stops her.Amrita tells Rajeev that Tara is acting abnormally, she needs to acknowledge Chanda. She wants her folks’ help, if it’s not too much trouble, disregard our false impressions. Rajeev says I have pondered how to manage those, I will tell you soon. He leaves.

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Gauri lets Chanda know that keep this chain around her neck, this is their key to progress. She advises Heera and Panna to esteem anything that they are getting. She requests that Chanda go to her loved ones. Chanda says this is my family as well. Gopal comes there and says she is our relative. Chanda says I was unable to rest however Amrita read a micky mouse story to me. Gopal embraces her and says I will constantly uphold you.

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Rajeev and Amrita sit with Tara. They play a projector. Rajeev shows her photographs and informs her regarding their recollections. Amrita says we love you so much and nobody can have your spot. She requests that she acknowledge Chandini as her sister, you are as yet our princess. Rajeev says you needn’t bother with to be unreliable. Tara says OK, I acknowledge her and I will not disapprove of her. Tara figures Chanda can never be my sister, she is a worker in particular however Gauri educated to not show my scorn and carry on like a decent girl.

Tara ties a string on the steps and calls Chanda. That’s what gauri sees and is stunned. Anjali goes on the steps before Chanda and tumbles down. All race to her. Maasa asks what was the deal? Tara thinks I need to conceal the string. She sees the string gone as Gauri concealed it. Amrita takes Anjali from that point. Gauri lets Tara know that you did all that right? Tara says I needed to just damage Chanda. Gauri sneers and thinks she is like me as it were. Gauri tells her that she will end up being your equivalent in the party today. Tara figures I won’t let her become my sister then, at that point, she leaves. Gauri says she is very much like me, that equivalent outrage and sharp brain. She is my Tara. I don’t have the foggiest idea what she is doing now.

The party begins, Maasa lets the visitors know that we have recruited new laborers Gauri and Gopal. They have a little girl who is extremely brilliant so we chose to embrace her, we will keep her family here however she will have another family now. We have another individual from the family now. The visitors acclaim her for having a major heart. Amrita murmurs to Maasa that this seems to be a foundation for Chanda, we shouldn’t say this. Maasa says we can’t let them know that Tara isn’t our own. She calls Chanda. Chanda comes there dressed as a joker. All are stunned. Tara comes there and sneers. The visitors joke and express she without a doubt is from an unfortunate foundation, she needs to habits. Amrita asks Chanda for what reason didn’t she wear the party dress? Chanda drives her away and says I not your little girl and I would try and prefer not to be. I wore this to show you that I preferably be a joker over become your girl. All are stunned. Amrita is hurt.

Precap: Rajeev tells Amrita from today we won’t be sharing our room. Maasa tells her, you couldn’t be a decent spouse nor mother, you need to demonstrate that you should be wife of Rajeev, I’ll allow you 7 days to prove.

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