Sasural Simar Ka 2 1 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 1 December 2022

The Episode begins with Nilambar asking Dibankar for what valid reason did he let them go. Dibankar says he will get payback from them. Nilambar asks him not to neglect. All at once the light glints and they see a young lady remaining in the overhang. They think she is Simar and inquires as to whether she sent her significant other and came here. Labuni disappears from that point and seems infront of them. They get stunned and call Labuni. Dibankar calls her Labuni and says I had killed you 10 years back. She says you have killed me 10 years back and today you were attempting to hurt my Aarav. She says I can’t fail to remember how you killed me and got me far from my adoration. She goes after Nilambar. Dibankar asks what are you talking about, Aarav? Labuni says this time, I won’t allow you to kill my adoration. Dibankar apologizes to her. She makes Ceiling fixture falls on them. Dibankar yells for security and requests that they save them. The safety officers are halted as the fire is coming. Dibankar requests that she leave them. Labuni says you have killed my Aarav, presently you need to kick the bucket. The glass bottle breaks without help from anyone else and the pieces flies in air. Aarav awakens in night and sees Simar cleaning up in the washing machine bowl. He comes to her and inquires as to whether she got injured seeing her hands hurt. She says Mata Rani’s sindoor got applied on her hand. She says she was sitting in the sanctuary, when the sindoor gets concerned her hand. Aarav apologizes to Simar for taking her there. Simar says all will be great, Mata Rani is with us. He says he can’t fail to remember whatever occurred. Simar says she is irate, and tells that they don’t have the right to live.

Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode

The Cop requests that other official check who has done this homicide so mercilessly. The official tells that he got the CCTV film and will check.Simar hears Labuni singing priyatama. She asks her. Labuni rejects. Simar requests that she lift her cloak. She lifts it. The glass breaks because of Labuni’s eyes. Simar holds the tea cups,, as Labuni was going to drop it. Vivaan comes there and snaps the pics. Labuni covers her head quick, before Simar could see her. Overseer comes to Badimaa’s home and gets some information about the arrangement which didn’t occur with them. He then, at that point, shows the CCTV film in which Simar and Aarav are going to Roy Chaudhary’s home. Aarav tells that they have gotten out of hand with his significant other. He blew up, however returned home in the wake of dealing with the matter. Controller tells that 4 individuals are severely killed. They get stunned. Badimaa says we are not related in this. Investigator says they were renowned Roy Chaudhary family. Reema says name is by all accounts natural. Badimaa offers assistance. Investigator inquires as to whether he returned alone, or with his better half. Aarav says he got back with his better half. Reviewer asks would you say you are certain? Simar says OK. Badimaa says why she will go there. Overseer shows the CCTV film in which they see a woman wearing Simar’s garments going to their home. They get stunned. Badimaa is likewise stunned. Reviewer inquires as to whether this would you say you is? He says you was wearing red garments. Labuni thinks my retribution is finished and Simar is faulted for it, presently Aarav will be mine. Simar lets Aarav know that she didn’t go there. Aarav says I can ensure that she didn’t go. He saw her in washroom cleaning up and tells that she was with him, as her face isn’t displayed in the recording. He tells that the young lady isn’t my significant other. The Overseer says we simply need one proof and requests their fingerprints. They take Simar and Aarav’s fingerprints. Overseer asks them not to leave city. Badimaa says they will reach at whatever point you call them. Auditor says thanks to them for their co-operation.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode Online

Precap: Reema lets Simar know that somebody is catching her. Simar tells that she had given her garments to Jhumri. Vivaan tells that Jhumri’s face is scorched. Simar and Reema acknowledge she is Labuni. They come to her room. Simar calls her Labuni.


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