Sasural Simar Ka 2 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 14 January 2023

The Episode begins with Dubroo coming to Vivaan and Simar and asks what has been going on with Google and Boogle. He requests that they get up. They get up and says don’t have the foggiest idea how they nodded off. Dubroo asks Simar and Vivaan. Vivaan expresses out loud whatever we could do? Dubroo says I realize that you have done this and you will get rebuffed for this. He says he will cut his hand and keeps blade on Vivaan’s hand. Simar says no, says Dubroo ji, what you will get by cutting the hand and requests that he think. Dubroo thinks. Simar says you will have misfortune assuming you cut our hands. She says we have turned into your slaves, we need to experience her and kick the bucket here, where we will go from here. She says they can request that they clean the house or can requests that they make food. They inquire as to whether they can make milkshake, burger and so forth. Simar says OK, she can make anything. Dubroo says he enjoys gajar ka halwa and asks from where they will get the fixings. Simar says they will get it from the wilderness. Dubroo says he won’t let them go. Simar says you can send Google and Boogle with us. Google says we won’t ever sell out chief. Dubroo requests that they make all the food in 2 hours else prepare for the punishment.

Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode

Baba lets Reema know that the guide is of Dubroo’s home. He says they need to do a Vidhi. He tells that they need to take help of certain spirits to associates with that world. Chitra inquires as to whether there is differently. Baba says no. Reema requests that he start it. Baba tells that he will call the spirits, great soul or awful soul can come. He says in the event that dark smoke emerges from bottle, awful soul will come and in the event that white smoke, great soul. He inquires as to whether you are prepared. Aarav and Reema says they are prepared. Badimaa says we as a whole are with you. Gajendra tells that they can do anything for Simar and Vivaan. Giriraj likewise says something very similar. Baba tells that their family solidarity will assist him with calling the spirit quick. He requests that Reema and Aarav keep hand on his hands. They make a circle keeping hand on each other.Simar and Vivaan are in the wilderness. Dubroo and Google say that 30 mins have gone, how Simar will make food in 30 mins. Simar thinks they need to find the leaves some way or another. Vivaan and Simar head down various path to look through the plant. The jokers start the commencement and gives them only 5 mins. Aarav, Reema and baba open the three container. White smoke emerges from the container and it flies in air. Badimaa says white smoke, it implies unadulterated spirits have come to help us and say thanks to them. Baba says thanks to them and requests that they show the way. He requests that the unadulterated spirits take them to the house utilizing this guide. Aarav says kindly assistance. Reema gets confident. The sanctuary chime rings. The unadulterated spirits illuminate the mirror. Everybody keeps hands on their eyes, and afterward they see the joker’s room. Aarav and Reema ask what is this? Baba says Dubroo has taken them to their home. He calls dubroo. They see Dubroo. Badimaa says he has seen us. Baba says we can see him, however he can’t see us. Aarav yells Dubroo where is Vivaan and Simar. Simar falls and sees the leaves. She requests that Vivaan pick it. Vivaan picks the leaves and keeps it in his pocket. Baba requests that the unadulterated spirits show them Vivaan and Simar. They see them and gets cheerful. Everybody attempt to interface themselves with Simar and Vivaan. Baba says they can’t hear us. Aarav yells Simar. Simar faculties Aarav and says Aarav ji. Vivaan asks what was the deal? Simar says I can feel Aarav ji close to me, it is like he is close to me. Aarav contacts the mirror and says you can’t be distant from everyone else, until I’m alive. He says I’m coming to bring you back from that world.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Aarav yells Simar. Simar feels Aarav. The mystical mirror flashes. Aarav and Simar can see one another. Reema guides Simar to track down the keys for the mysterious mirror in the actual room. Simar finds it.


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