Sasural Simar Ka 2 15 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 15 December 2022

The Episode begins with Simar let Reema and Vivaan know that she wants to go to Aarav ji. Reema says first I will proceed to check, then you will go. She comes there and thumps on the entryway, when Aarav is going to give his hand to Labuni. Labuni thinks who has come to destroyed my arrangement, and opens the entryway. She tracks down Reema. Reema is stunned and asks her for what good reason she is inside Aarav’s room and why the entryway was locked. Sandhya and Chitra act the hero. Sandhya reprimands Reema for causing a situation outside Aarav’s room. Reema asks them to ask her for what good reason she was there, when he was resting. Labuni says Sandhya maa requested that I deal with Aarav ji. Reema says you would have asked me or Vivaan. Chitra agrees with Labuni’s position. Vivaan comes there. Reema professes to contend with Vivaan to redirect them. Simar goes to their room and locks the entryway. Reema says she is feeling sluggish and will proceed with the battle tomorrow. Simar finds Aarav dozing and figures he didn’t awaken even subsequent to hearing the yell. Reema requests that Labuni proceed to rest. Labuni comes to Aarav’s room. Reema and Vivaan stop her and inquires as to why she came? Labuni says she came to turn off the lights. Reema says she will do and requests that she go. Vivaan inquires as to whether Maa or tai ji provide you any request then tell me, I will do. She checks the milk glass and questions. Aarav acquires cognizance, yet not completely. He requests that Simar sing something and play the sitar. She thinks who has kept the sitar here. Labuni hears the sitar sound and supposes assuming Simar returned. She blows up and makes the lights glint. Everybody comes there.

Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode

Badimaa asks from where Sitar voice is coming. Labuni says from Aarav ji’s room. Aarav acquires awareness and acknowledges Simar is there. All of a sudden Badimaa thumps on the entryway and says in the event that Aarav doesn’t open the entryway in 2 mins, then I will break the entryway. Aarav opens the entryway. Sandhya, Chitra and Labuni begin looking. Aarav asks what you are looking? Badimaa inquires as to whether Simar came here. Aarav says she is in refuge. Simar peeps from behind the couch. Reema asks who has brought the milk glass here. Sandhya falls on Reema. Reema holds her. She then sees Simar and gets up. Sandhya requests that Labuni clean the spot. Labuni figures Simar can’t be saved from her sight. She sits on the couch and signs Vivaan. Vivaan additionally sits to conceal Simar. He requests that everybody proceed to rest. Reema claims to be furious on Aarav and requests that everybody proceed to rest. Badimaa tells Reema tha she figures out her torment, however she is concerned for Aarav. Reema asks her not to stress. Simar lets Aarav know that she will be back in 2 mins and goes out, in spite of the fact that Aarav attempts to stop her. Simar goes to the inhouse sanctuary and lifts the drapery of the sanctuary. She goes to Mata Rani. Labuni consumes the garments in her room. Sandhya and Chitra come there. Labuni says she could lose Aarav like losing Arindham. Sandhya requests that she fail to remember Arindham and says there is no examination of Arindham with Aarav. She requests that she guarantee that she will toss Arindham out of her life. She tosses the bangle outside. The bangle falls close to Simar. Simar picks it and recognizes it. She sees Labuni and says Jhumri is Labuni. A person calls Aarav and says he is Arindham Chaudhary. Aarav says Arindham Chaudhary. Reema and Vivaan get stunned hearing Arindham’s name.Precap: Labuni assaults the relatives. Simar lets Labuni know that she won’t let her hurt her family and picks the trishul.


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