Sasural Simar Ka 2 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Sasural Simar Ka 2 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 18 february 2023

The Episode begins with Reema tracking down the bugs and yells. She thinks from where it came in Tara’s room. She remembers to proceed to tell Simar. She tumbles down. She sees Tara holding tight the rooftop and shuts her eyes. Tara chuckles so anyone might hear and comes on top of Reema. Reema says you are a witch. Tara says you need to take off from the house in 6 seconds. Simar asks Aarav, how is he feeling now. Reema says why I will leave? Tara says you need to leave this body and says you welcomed this inconvenience yourself and inquires as to for what reason did you remove that taveez. She says you will be rebuffed for your error. She follows through with something. Reema yells resoundingly. Simar runs hearing Reema’s shout. Aarav goes behind her. Everybody hear her voice. Simar requests that Tara open the entryway and asks Di, assuming you are in her room. Badimaa inquires as to for what reason did she go there? Simar says Di went to really look at her stuff. Vivaan requests that Tara and Reema open the entryway. Tara opens the entryway. She says you are here. Vivaan goes inside the room and calls Reema. He says Reema hasn’t arrived. Tara says I saw her going out. Simar says Reema di had come here. Aarav says Simar never lies and requests that she tell where could Reema be? She says in the event that you hurt my Reema di… Tara says for what reason will I hurt her? Vivaan says as she came to realize that something is the matter with you. Tara acts to acquire compassion and says you are addressing me as I’m separated from everyone else and defenseless. She requests that they call her assuming they are concerned for her. Reyansh calls Reema. They hear the reema’s telephone ringing. She is remaining on the entryway holding the shopping pack. Tara sees witch on her back, through the red glass. Tara requests that she come. Vivaan asks where could you be? Reema says I had gone to have chaat and brought for all of you. Tara says she had gone to have chaat and all of you asked me such countless inquiries. Simar says you said that you will go to her room. Reema requests that she stop her Slam kahani, and says lets have chaat. She requests that Tara sit and have chaat with them. Tara sees chudail on her. Simar thinks why Reema di is acting oddly and why she is showering love on Tara abruptly. Tara sits to have chaat. Tara sits infront of Reema and signs the witch, and grins. Simar takes a gander at Reema.

Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 2 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

The witch in Reema’s body dance. Tara comes there and requests that the witch dance on her tune, and not to neglect even unintentionally. The witch says I will do anything you request that I do. She says she is getting a charge out of after a great deal of time, and tells that she is appreciating to be in this body and cherishing herself. She asks how you managed her. Tara shows her matka and tells that she is hostage in the matka. The witch inquires as to whether anybody comes to be familiar with the trading. Tara says she will get Aarav ji and requests that she fly in air. She requests that she keep her eyes and ears open. The witch says I will handle.Vivaan, Reyansh, Gagan are making game plans for Valentine’s day. Simar and Aditi come there. Badimaa tells that red tone is of witch in our times, they get drawn to witches. She tells that her older folks used to say that they will not go under the banyan tree with open hair, when witch sits on your back, it won’t ever leave you. Gagan asks how you will look into the witches. Badimaa says the witch may be wonderful, yet their nails and hands are grimy. She says their legs are turned around. Simar gets stunned and considers seeing Reema’s grimy nails and hands. Badimaa says it is absolutely impossible to see whether she is human, however chudail. Aditi says we will talk something different. Badimaa says lets discuss love. Tara says you need to spend many births to be aware of me.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: The witch in Reema removes her eye and looks on. Aditi gets stunned seeing it. Tara rushes to Reema’s room. Simar thinks why she is running there. She comes there and sees Aditi sitting on the couch, and Reema standing.


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