Sasural Simar Ka 2 2 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 2 february 2023

The Episode begins with Simar requesting that Masumi end this game. Gunjan says and Masumi rehashes that they have arrived at end the game, they didn’t begin it. Simar sees two hairbands, two dolls, two books. She reviews superintendent telling that Charulatha had brought forth Gunjan and Masumi. She yells calling Gunjan. Masumi keeps her hand on her ears. Simar inquires as to whether her dead sister is close to her. She requests that she say. She then, at that point, requests that Gunjan come infront of her. Gunjan strolls past Simar’s body to give her a jerk. She tells Masumi that Simar is clueless, she is simply questioning. Simar requests that Masumi say. Gunjan asks her not to say any word to her, and says she can never affirm her uncertainty, she can do nothing. Masumi goes to side and keeps hand on her ears. Simar requests that Gunjan come infront of her. She tells Gunjan that Aditi has sat idle and requests that she return her better half and youngster to her. Gunjan tells Masumi that Simar is playing with your feelings and requests that she kill Simar, before she goes out and tell about us. She requests that Masumi kill her and shuts her eyes. Masumi additionally shuts her eyes. Simar takes a gander at Masumi waking up and picking the blade. Masumi says you will be gone after from front and goes after her. Simar tumbles down and holds her hand. She keeps her other hand on her cheek and says you are my companion and I realize you don’t feel quite a bit better by hurting others. Masumi doesn’t go after her. Gunjan requests that she kill Simar. Masumi says no. Gunjan says do it as I say. Masumi says no. Simar requests that Masumi hear her decency inside and says whoever is close to you, isn’t great. She says on the off chance that you love your sister, as a matter of fact, quit harming her life. Gunjan says now she is addressing me and you are not saying her anything. She again incites her to kill Simar. Masumi gets up and requests that she leave. Simar says I won’t do without Geet. Masumi gives Geet to her and requests that she leave. Simar goes. Gunjan requests that Masumi take a gander at her and says I will leave from here.

Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode

Reema sees Simar and asks what occurred, why you are so frightened. She takes Geet and keeps her on the bed. She makes Simar hydrate. Simar says a perilous game is happening here, and tells that Masumi isn’t the only one, her sister Gunjan is with her. Reema says she is dead. Simar says her spirit incites Masumi against everybody. She says we need to tell everybody. Reema says they are arranging commemoration, it appears to be that they are in the lines effect.She requests that Reema give Geet to Sandhya Maa and carry Aarav and Vivaan to her room. Reema gestures yes. Masumi requests that Gunjan come infront of her and excuse her once. She could see Gunjan and expresses gratitude toward her and apologizes. Gunjan says you have failed to remember our 25 years of fellowship, failed to remember our fantasies and points, did you fail to remember that tomorrow is extremely exceptional and significant for us, and says you have failed to remember that Simar conflicting with me. Masumi apologizes to her. Gunjan requests that she guarantee that she won’t allow anybody to overwhelm her. She says drawing out our truth is difficult. Simar requests that Aarav and Vivaan distinguish their genuine sister by seeing the collection. They see the collection and says they look youthful and attractive. Aarav says Masumi is looking adorable. Vivaan says she has become developed at this point. Simar sees the photographs and sees Masumi’s photographs with them, rather than Aditi. She lets Reema know that she will bring another collection, however the photographs are changed. Reema says how could Aditi’s face be supplanted by Masumi. Aarav says masumi is our sister. Simar cries and says on the off chance that we don’t stop then don’t have any idea how she will manage us. Vivaan says she is our Masumi and inquires as to why she will do this? Aarav says everything signs that Masumi is our sister, yet I need to trust you, and can comprehend your anxious, agony and dread. He says I know your apprehension and agony can’t be lie and requests that she determine what she needs to do, and says I’m with you. Simar requests that he accompany her, as they don’t have a lot of time. She requests that Reema watch out for Masumi and goes.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

They come to the Pandit ji who informed them concerning the revile. Pandit ji tells that the revile emerged from hurt heart. Simar lets him know that she has detected somebody with Masumi in the house and requests that he give her some arrangement. Pandit ji does the puja and shuts his eyes. He sees Gunjan with Masumi, heading off to some place in the Oswal Chateau. He lets Simar know that he has seen the two of them. Simar says I realized they were two. Pandit ji shuts his eyes and sees stowed away entryway behind the tree. He gets stunned. He wakes up and says they were not two, however three. Simar asks three? He requests that she find the red kiwad in the house to get all the answers.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Spoiler Alerts 2 february 2023

Precap: Simar lets Reema know that they have red kiwad/entryway in their home which they will look. Masumi lets Sandhya know that her lines are great. Gunjan says now the lines and predetermination both won’t be there. Reema tells Simar that Masumi had marriage dress and gems in pair. Simar says we need to save Maa. They race to room.

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