Sasural Simar Ka 2 26 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 26 December 2022

The Episode begins with everybody requesting that Arindham open the entryway. They open the entryway and find Arindham resting. Aarav calls Arindham and requests that he awaken. Vivaan asks where is our Badimaa. Arindham says I was resting here. simar keeps her hand on the bed and something tumbles down. Arindham and Joker check it out. She lets Arindham know that she heard Badimaa’s voice coming from the room. Vivaan requests that he say. Arindham says in the event that you need, search her, yet don’t get out of hand. They look inside the tent. Vivaan says stop this show and tell us. Vivaan hauls Arindham outside. He asks Arindham where could Badimaa be? He says certainly he has accomplished something with her. Arindham says you are venting out your displeasure on me as your Dadi isn’t found. Badimaa calls Vivaan and asks what you are doing? Vivaan says Badimaa. She says I’m here and keeps hand on her hair. Arindham says my Dadi is back and kept his Dadi’s spirit in Badimaa’s body. Then badimaa blacks out as her spirit gets confined in the mirror. fb closes. Simar goes to Badimaa, yet she overlooks Simar and goes to Arindham. Vivaan says you don’t have any acquaintance with him, he is fraud and disloyalty. Badimaa slaps him hard stunning everybody. She holds Arindham’s face and inquires as to whether he is fine? She says I requested that you deal with my visitor, and inquires as to whether you have dealt with him like this. Simar says you was not found. Badimaa (Arindham’s Dadi) asks did you search me on porch. She then, at that point, admonishes Vivaan. Chitra asks how did you respond, you have lifted hand on your terrific child for stranger. Reema says Vivaan got stressed for you. Badimaa inquires as to for what reason did you beat him, as he is separated from everyone else and he don’t have a family. She says assuming this is your bravery.

Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode

She lets Arindham know that it isn’t his shortcoming, and whoever has done the mix-up, will apologize, checks Vivaan out. Simar says we as a whole will rest now. Gajendra requests that Simar take Maa inside. Simar apologizes to Badimaa on everybody’s behalf.Badimaa stops Vivaan, Reema and others and requests that they apologize. Simar says I have apologized as of now. Badimaa requests that Vivaan apologize and says it is my Badi’s reet. Everybody is stunned. Chitra denies. Simar demands her and takes a gander at Badimaa and Arindham marking at one another and grinning. Vivaan says I will do as Badimaa needs and says sorry. Badimaa requests that he twist down his head and creases his hands. Chitra says she can’t bear any longer. Vivaan apoloigizes to him and afterward to Badimaa. He contacts her feet and gets surpised seeing her slippers.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 21St December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Later, Simar tells Aarav that Badimaa is in pressure else she can never do this and can’t imagine slapping Vivaan. Aarav says she could have felt terrible. Vivaan says Arindham is something different and tells that he had seen Badimaa’s shoe in his room, when she came here, she was wearing something different. Reema says her way of behaving and tone was changed. Simar says she utilized Badi word which is house is bengali. Aarav says might be you misconstrued. Simar says unquestionably he is playing some game. Badimaa takes out bengali sound. Arindham embraces her. His Dadi tells that she was confined in the jug and requests that he let her appreciate. She embraces him. Joker applauds. She talks in bengali. Dumroo applauds. She asks did you gain proficiency with any work or simply applaud. Arindham says such countless years passed. She says I missed the body, and checks herself out. She expresses out loud whatever sort of garments, this woman wears and says she will change her bindi. He says she needs to sit tight for not many days, until he brings back all the family. She inquires as to whether you love Simar. what is your take. He takes a gander at the mud to make statue.

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Aarav says we need to follow through with something and will converse with Badimaa. Simar says something is unusual clearly. Reema says we will watch out for Arindham. Simar feels migraine and tells them. Arindham tells his dadi that until his work is finished, Simar will feel torment. He says he got her nail and tells that how he was unable to manage Labuni, he will do with Simar. She inquires as to whether you will control her completely. He says OK, I will make her sculpture and afterward she will be in my control fully.

Precap: simar says we will battle with Arindham together. Voiceover says Simar, Aarav, Vivaan and Reema will through and through battle with Arindham.

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