Sasural Simar Ka 2 29 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 29 December 2022

Simar seeing Badimaa/Dida doing unusual things. She requests that she accept espresso as she loves. Aarav is remaining outside. Badimaa/Dida tells that she may be thinking her way of behaving is unusual since few days. Simar asks how is the espresso? badimaa says great. Simar says you didn’t get some information about Dewar ji. Badimaa says she is stressed over him. Simar says he will be fine soon. She says you had said that he was exceptionally devilish, or Aarav, or Reyansh or Aditi. She asks who was wicked? Dida redirects her and requests that she make baigan ka bharta. Simar says you could do without it. Dida says I need to have it today. Simar emerges. Aarav goes. Simar comes to Aarav and tells her that she enjoyed the espresso which isn’t made by me and she requested that I make baigan ka bharta. She requests that he really look at CCTV film assuming she had gone out. Reema is stunned to be aware from Simar that the woman isn’t Badimaa. Aarav comes there and tells that CCTV film is absent after 8 pm, and tells that the gatekeeper said that she didn’t go out. Reema faculties somebody is watching out for them. Simar says we are together and what is the only thing that is important. Reema says whoever has attempted to kill Vivaan, I won’t leave that individual. Simar says I will look through Badimaa. Reema says I will proceed to actually take a look at patio and nursery. Simar requests that Aarav actually take a look at storm cellar and stopping region. Aarav holds Simar’s hand and embraces her. He says sorry and says briefly, I have no faith in my Simar.

Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode

He expresses gratitude toward her and says I love you. He says assuming that you are feeling frightened. Simar says I can’t be apprehensive and your hands on my hands is my solidarity. Simar, Reema and Aarav look for badimaa. Reema faculties something and takes cover in the background. She sees Dumroo strolling and occupies him wearing Simar’s dupatta. He follows her and says Simar is missing. Reema crashes into Aarav and lets him know that Dumroo can walk. Aarav says Simar is in peril then and asks where could she be? Simar comes to Badimaa’s room and looks for the confirmations. She thinks Badimaa never keeps the room like this. A gem tumbles down and light falls on the mirror. Simar feels Badimaa is close to him and requests that she say. Dida is in Arindham’s room. Dumroo comes there and says Simar came to know all that you are not badimaa. Dida says Simar looked into me. She says now we need to cut her association. Simar feels Badimaa crying, while she is going out and hears her as well. She turns and returns to room. She says I can feel your cries and requests that she say, and come infront of her. Badimaa calls Simar from the mirror. Simar inquires as to whether you are behind the mirror. Badimaa calls her over and again and tells that she is confined in the mirror. She says I realize nothing is out of your span and you came looking through me. Simar says Badimaa and cries. Arindham lets Dida know that he will deal with Simar. Dida says I will do and you will do nothing. She says last time, because of you, we need to lose our lives. She says I need to cut her wings. Simar says I will get you liberated from this mirror and says I can’t see you. She goes to Mata Rani and requests that she show the way. She could see Badimaa inside the mirror crying and checking her out. Sasural Simar ka plays… .No Precap.


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