Sasural Simar Ka 2 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 6 January 2023

The Episode begins with Dida requesting that Simar tell on whose side she is. Simar says I have swear. She lets Arindham know that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what his Dida needs to do. Dida pulls Vivaan’s gauze. Chitra, Aarav and Reema come there. Chitra sees the injuries and wounds evaporating and gets cheerful telling Reema. Dida says she has taken this symbol for Vivaan’s prosperity and needs havan to be finished. She says Vivaan will acquire awareness in 24 hours. Gajendra and Giriraj are additionally here. They vow to help Dida. Dida says I will guide you? Simar figures this may be her arrangement. Dida says each part should forfeit something valuable. Simar says I won’t allow Shaitaan Dadi to win. Gajendra inquires as to why every one of the clocks are running in reverse. Dida says time has begun and they have 72 hours, Vivaan will come out strolling on his feet. Simar comes to Reema and Aarav and says Shaitaan Dadi’s down starts. Dida says I will make them work and will forfeit them in the havan. Reema asks Aarav and Simar, on the off chance that they heard what she said. She says she will kill everybody. Aarav says we haev to follow through with something. Simar says I figured what to do? Aarav says Arindham. He asks have you gone distraught? Simar says OK, I’m distraught seeing my family in this condition and will successfully save them. Reema says she is saying anything. Simar says we need to do this arrangement, should save all the family, in return of one individual. Dida sends everybody to bring their stuff for ahuti. Arindham checks Simar out. Simar descends and lets Dida know that she sees generally her arrangement. Dida says I have hostage your Badimaa, and will hostage everybody individually including your better half. Simar holds her hand and says I won’t allow you to succeed. Dida says you have 72 hours, do anything you desire. She says this game will come infront of everybody. Simar says the kindness win and I won’t allow anything to happen to my family.

Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode

Later Simar comes to Arindham. Arindham requests that she say. Simar says I’m worn out on demonstrating my affection over and over and when you question me, my boldness breaks. She says that is the reason I have concluded that we will get hitched at the earliest opportunity. Arindham gets cheerful and asks would you say you are saying truth? He says we will join together. Simar says you need to sit tight for at some point and requests that he wed her in the equivalent havan kund, when his Dadi is bringing his family back. She says everybody will be stunned seeing us getting hitched and Dadi will quit questioning me. Arindham says thought is great. Simar says Dadi’s thought is great, and says Oswals don’t realize that they will be forfeited in the havan kund. Arindham says I’m exceptionally cheerful today and says I love you, I genuinely love you. He asks will you not answer to me. She says she will say it when she gets hitched to him, at 12, on pooran maasi night. He says so it is concluded that the marriage will occur before Oswals’ ahuti.Dida lets Arindham know that the young lady is making you distraught and tricking you. Arindham says you are having a misconception. Dida asks where could Dubroo be? Arindham says he should be here some place, and says I will call him. He whistles. Dubroo is tied and kept in the pantry in Vivaan’s room. Arindham says he didn’t come. Dida says something is off-base. Aarav asks what did you do Simar? Simar says we lack opportunity and energy to think now, we have only 60 hours left at this point. Aarav says I won’t allow you to lose. Simar says I tested Shaitaan Dadi and made a phony guarantee to Arindham. Reema says this is a major gamble. Simar says generally our relatives are in harm’s way, we need to save them from Shaitaan Dadi. Reema says time is running quick. Simar says you can definitely relax, I lit the matck stick.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Dida tells that she will get everything in 24 hours, anything she desires. Arindham brings Simar’s sculpture and tells that even he will wed Simar in 24 hours. Simar prepares for the marriage. Aarav endeavors to break the statue.


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