Sasural Simar Ka 2 9 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 9 December 2022

The Episode begins with Simar requesting that Master ji let everybody know that the sculpture has taken the humanly structure. Master ji says this isn’t truth, this is misconception of Simar and her loved ones. Badimaa is stunned. She requests that Guruji let him know truth. Guruji apologizes and says pardon me, you individuals felt that spirit is in the sculpture, so I misled bring in some cash. He inquires as to whether any spirit exists in sculpture. Simar requests that he come clean and says please. Master ji sees Labuni and says it was common sculpture which I consumed, there was no spirit in it. He says you constrained me to come here, yet you can’t make me lie infront of Police. He is sorry to Simar and says now I need to leave. She requests that he stay back else that sculpture will obliterate all my loved ones. She gives him swear of mata rani. Overseer holds Simar’s hand and says now everything is uncovered. Everybody contend with Auditor. Simar says I haven’t done anything and won’t go. Aarav says my Simar will stay put. The constables hold Aarav. Badimaa says Simar is Mata Rani’s bhakt and can do nothing. Aarav holds Simar’s hand, they hit Aarav and takes Simar with them. Aarav yells and says Simar, you won’t go anywhere.

Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode

Simar begs the Reviewer, who takes her in the van. Aarav, Badimaa and all the relatives come out running. Simar yells Aarav ji. The Police take Simar with them. Aarav sits out and about stunned. Labuni is checking out at the van and grins. She says Simar has gone from here, and you are only mine, Aarav. Sandhya and Chitra snicker cheerfully and hold each other’s hand. They check Labuni out. Simar comes to the PS. The constable call her Overseer’s killer. Woman Examiner tells that they can’t keep her in a similar lock up as others, as she could kill others. They hostage Simar in other lock up.Labuni says until Simar was here, I didn’t contact this bed and never acknowledged it as mine, today she has gone from here for eternity. She sits on the bed and contacts it. She says my triumph has begun and Simar’s loss. She says now our romantic tale will start and strokes Aarav’s huge wall photo.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Aarav comes to the PS and solicitations her to leave Simr on bail. Overseer rejects. Aarav comes to meet Simar. Simar yells Aarav ji. He inquires as to whether you are fine? Simar cries. Aarav says he needs same Simar who confides in Mata Rani. He says legal counselor will get you out soon, believe me. Simar says you trust me, and says it was truth and Master ji has lied. Aarav kisses on her hand.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 December 2022

Inspector allows Reema and Vivaan to meet Simar for 2 mins. Reema says you will be out Simar. Aarav requests that they accompany Simar, and says I will accomplish the significant work and come. Simar asks where are you going? Aarav says to lift the drapery from the falsehood, and says whoever lied will say reality. He goes. Simar tells Reema that Aarav went to Master ji and tells that he lied as there is a threat to his life. She says even Aarav ji is in harm’s way. Vivaan says he will stop Aarav. Reema lets Simar know that she trust her. Constable comes there and takes Reema from that point. Simar requests that Woman Investigator let her settle on a decision. Woman Reviewer admonishes her and goes. Simar says I need to settle on a decision to my better half. She sits in the lock up. Aarav says Master ji needs to say reality and Simar will become unavoidable. He is en route to go to Master ji’s Ashram. Simar figures she will clear a path to save Aarav and apologizes to the Mata Rni. She tells that she needs to do this for her significant other, to safeguard her better half from Labuni. She requests that Mata Rani excuse her and invigorate her. She then claims to swoon in the lock up.

Aarav arrives at the Ashram and finds it fixed by the Police and the Ashram was singed. He thinks Simar said truth that she required some investment to look through Master ji, as he was not in the Ashram. The woman constable requests that Simar get up from the floor. She brings lock and tracks down her not on the floor. She opens the lock and comes inside. Simar is remaining behind the wall and pushes the woman constable inside and locks the entryway. She runs outside. The woman constable yells and alarms others. All the Police constables run out holding the sticks. Simar puts the furniture on their way and stows away. Simar bounces down from the window, while the Police group run out. She assumes she needs to run and arrive at Aarav. The Police group couldn’t view as her. Reviewer expresses take out the jeep. Simar runs on the road.

Precap: Aarav comes to Guruji and finds Simar with Master ji’s dead body. The Monitor comes there and captures Simar. Simar says she didn’t carry out this homicide. Aarav says you made it happen. Labuni moves cheerfully in the house.

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