Sherdil Shergill 21 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Sherdil Shergill Written Update 21 December 2022

The Episode begins with Nirali saying Manmeet, you didn’t say Anmol is coming. Manmeet says I didn’t have any idea. Nirali requests that she give him to the servant. Manmeet says she isn’t a servant, she is Vidya, she deals with my home, give me some time, he will not move away from me, he will cry. The women get some information about the child. Badi attempts to conceal. She says Manmeet likes youngsters a great deal, she has gone to deal with her servant’s kid by leaving the rasam. Nirali grins. Puneet sits tight for Vidya. Gunjan’s Saas asks how would you pass on Anmol to a house cleaner. Puneet says Vidya deals with him since his introduction to the world. Nirali calls her and says I mentioned you to not send Anmol, for what reason did you send him. Puneet asks how, he is with Vidya. Nirali says Vidya came here with him, every one of the ladies are here, no one is familiar with it. Puneet says sit back and relax, I will fix everything.

Written Update Sherdil Shergill Today Episode

Raj asks 2 crores, what will you do of it. Gunjan says Roshan and his folks need it. He inquires as to for what reason don’t they converse with father. She says Bhairav and my Sasurji planned to begin the business together, your father declined to him now. Puneet calls Vidya and reprimands her. Vidya says Gunjan’s Saas has requested that I take Anmol to Manmeet, she had sent me effectively in a taxi. Puneet says fine, get Anmol back at the earliest opportunity. Vidya requests that Manmeet give Anmol to her. She says Puneet asked me not to inconvenience you. She takes Anmol. Manmeet goes. Gunjan says I don’t have the foggiest idea what I m talking about, kindly accomplish this work, either as your father to give this arrangement or give cash to them, my marriage can come in a difficult situation, they fault Manmeet, she ought to be unaware of it. Raj asks her not to worry.Manmeet gets favored by the women. Brijesh says somebody came from office. Manmeet says later. Mishra says I desperately need your sign. Nirali says request that Raj sign, he is the proprietor. He says Raj has sent me. Manmeet asks will I sign and come. She goes. The women joke. The woman says Pankhudi said that child is of that servant. Nirali says OK, however she has love for him. Manmeet signs the papers. She says I will meet you later, following seven days. Manmeet takes Anmol. She says sorry, I had office work. The women say we will take pics. The woman requests that Manmeet part with the child. She says you love your own child. Manmeet asks what’s happening with you. The woman says you shouldn’t spoil a house keeper’s kid. Manmeet requests that Vidya remove Anmol. She says he is my child, not of any other person, I will clear the misconception, Anmol is my child, Raj is his dad.

Sherdil Shergill 16Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

The woman asks Nirali what is she talking about. Manmeet says Vidya resembles my more youthful sister, she isn’t my servant, she handles my kid and house well. The woman says Nirali and Pankhudi lied, for what reason did you keep Mu dikhai rasam, I knew it, something is off-base, you bamboozled us and showed your station. Manmeet says enough, you won’t converse with Amma ji like this. Nirali says stop it, I swear and say that this kid isn’t of Raj. The woman asks is he not Raj’s kid, you ought to have figured out whose kid is he. Manmeet flies off the handle and chides the woman. She requests that she leave. The woman says we are going. Nirali requests that they stop. The women leave. Nirali reprimands Manmeet. Manmeet says I said nothing a lot to that woman, did you say that Anmol is Vidya’s child, for what reason did you concur for the marriage in the event that you felt embarrassed. Badi says we prepared only for the good of Raj, do you have at least some idea this kid’s father, its your error. Nirali says this happened as a result of you and your kid, we got offended. Bhairav and Raj return home. Nirali yells. Manmeet pushes her in safeguard. Nirali tumbles down. Raj asks are you fine, Amma. Nirali says you lifted hand on me. Raj asks did you go frantic. Manmeet says I didn’t contact her. Badi says you pushed her. Raj and Badi take Nirali and leave. Manmeet sees Bhairav and disappears. Brijesh says its not Manmeet’s slip-up, she didn’t push Nirali. Bhairav slaps him. He reproves him for supporting pariahs than family. He asks did I engage in ladies’ matter, for what reason did you meddle. Once more, he slaps. Manmeet sits stressed. Vidya asks are you fine, I m sorry, this would have not come on the off chance that I didn’t come. Manmeet says no, they are accusing me. Vidya says Raj will trust you. She gets Puneet’s call. She says I m still here. Puneet says I guaranteed Nirali that Anmol will not be there at Manmeet’s mu dikhai. Manmeet hears this and asks how could you concur, Anmol is currently Raj’s child, they need to acknowledge this. Puneet says give them some time. Manmeet says no, she crossed restricts today, I m going to converse with Raj, assuming anybody discusses Anmol, simply say that I don’t pay attention to you. She requests that Vidya handle Anmol. Vidya asks her to avoid anything in anger.

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Raj asks are you fine. Aadi says nobody can act like this with Amma. Raj says I realize something occurred, yet I m stressed for Amma now. Badi reprimands him. Bhairav asks Raj will you converse with your better half, or will I talk. Raj says you likewise recently came, I will converse with her. Nirali asks Raj how might you feel in the event that anybody calls me uneducated before everybody. Raj asks did Manmeet express this to you. Bhairav smiles.

Precap: Rajkumar tells Manmeet, assuming slip-up has occurred, it’s fine apologize. Manmeet tells him, I misunderstand entirely sat idle, thus I won’t conciliatory sentiments, rather off-base has occurred with me. Rajkumar shares with her let me know what has occurred? Manmeet says do anything you desire, I’m going to Mother’s home with Anmol.

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