Udaariyaan 1 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 1 february 2023

The Episode begins with Nehmat conversing with Fateh and Tejo’s pic. She says I will live for Nanu, Nani and this family from now, I will live for their joy. Nikhil goes on a call. Naaz sees his plans and flies off the handle. She says Nehmat needs to make him a designer, I will see how he will respond. Naaz calls Mallika and requests that she check the desserts box. Mallika checks. She sees Jay’s article cutting. She inquires as to for what reason did you send this. Naaz says an individual shouldn’t neglect some distress, Nehmat is your and my foe, tell me, will you support me. Nehmat gets Rupy’s call. Rupy asks how are you. Nehmat says I m alright. Satti says we will go to her home and shock her. Rupy asks will you be at home at night. Nehmat says I m going with Advait this evening for supper. They favor her. Nehmat thinks don’t have any idea what is Ekam thinking. Renuka gives lemon water to Ekam. She admonishes him for drinking. He says truly grieved. She requests that he converse with Harleen and express sorry to her. Harleen accepts the call and asks did legend awaken. Ekam expresses profound gratitude. She says get a charming grin all over and afterward express profound gratitude. He says sorry. She says perfect, you expressed profound gratitude and sorry too. He expresses sorry for inconvenience and gratitude for dropping me home. She says rehash it please, I can hear it well assuming you take me on supper. He says alright. She expresses gratitude toward him and says I will book tables for us, I will come and pick you, prepare. Renuka says you stride ahead, I will prepare the garments, proceed to come, you will feel blissful. He says I would rather not stride ahead, I wish I don’t confront Nehmat, I can’t endure this pain.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Advait and Nehmat come to the eatery for supper. He says I need to know your decision, kindly request. She asks will we have Chinese. He says OK. She says however you like Indian. He says OK, however I can have Chinese moreover. They provide the request. The man asks will I stay away from Ajinomoto. She says no, why. He says I heard in the news, you are pregnant. She says OK, stay away from Ajinomoto. Advait says I m sorry. She says its okay.They get stunned seeing Ekam and Harleen coming. Ekam sees Nehmat. Harleen says we will go to a superior spot on the off chance that you are awkward here. Ekam says no, we will remain. Rab ke khel… plays… Advait asks are you alright, will we go to some other eatery. Nehmat says no, its fine, we have requested the food as of now, request a fruit juice for me. He says sure.

Udaariyaan 1 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Ekam requests that Harleen request. Ekam checks Nehmat out. Advait really focuses on Ekam. Naaz checks a few gift and reviews Nikhil getting it. Nikhil says Mallika had gifted this to Advait, he had tossed it, I didn’t feel significantly better so I had kept it. Naaz taps the pics and keeps the things at better place. She says partake in your supper, Nehmat. Nehmat says the food is great. Harleen requests that Ekam eat the food. He rejects. She demands and feeds him. Nehmat takes a gander at them.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 1 february 2023

Ekam says I will take a beverage. Harleen says no, kindly, don’t get tipsy like yesterday. He proceeds to get a beverage. He drinks more. Harleen stresses. She requests that Ekam come, they will move. She takes him. Advait asks will we dance together. Nehmat holds his hand. They likewise proceed to move. Ekam and Nehmat see one another. Ekam envisions hitting the dance floor with Nehmat and grins. He sees Harleen and goes to see Nehmat.

Precap: Advait tells Ekum, I would rather not contend with you, the young lady you are battling for is my better half. Ekum tells him I know how you regard ladies. Advait slaps Ekum, Nehmat is going to hit Ekum back, Harleen stops her.

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