Udaariyaan 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 17 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Udaariyaan 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 17 february 2023

The Episode begins with Shamsher saying Bunty and his men are finding Nehmat, we need to show the media that you left your debilitated spouse just to help individuals. Ekam says its your misstep additionally, Nehmat, for what reason did you support them in their untruth, you can definitely relax, I will show them what regulation can do. Rupy says I won’t leave them. Nehmat says no, its my battle, I will battle. Ekam inquires as to why, don’t we as a whole consideration for you, leave this on me now. She says you have done a great deal for me as of now, I don’t have the foggiest idea how might I pay for your approval, yet kindly don’t make my battle yours, else I will lose, I can’t demonstrate that I was steadfast. Rupy asks how might you battle against them, they are hazardous. She says I have endured a great deal and became solid, they can purchase police, yet not a certain something. The columnists get some information about Nehmat. Advait misleads them to acquire compassion. Nehmat accompanies her loved ones. She says I m not in much terrible express that I miss this question and answer session. Advait and Shamsher stress. Shamsher asks how might we stop them, I don’t find her aims great, she will come clean, this happened in light of your child. Rupy reviews Shamsher’s falsehoods. Nehmat insults Advait.

Written Update Udaariyaan 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

She sits. Advait stresses and sits. Correspondent says you don’t look fine, yet you have come here. Nehmat says OK, I needed to come to say a reality, which just me, Shamsher, Rama and Advait know. Advait holds her hand. Neeru says she is so frantic for media consideration, so she has come in this state. Naaz looks on. Nehmat says you are perspiring, I said nothing, wipe it. She says truth will be said here, I need to let you know all that my family and Advait took a lot of care of me. Advait, Shamsher and Rama get astonished. Nehmat says I used to rest by the prescriptions impact, yet Advait used to remain alert. She asks Advait not to get in harmony, she needs to say a ton. Everybody applauds Nehmat. Rama says she is commending us rather uncovering us. Shamsher says I will see her on the off chance that she does a show. Ekam is furious. Harleen requests that he unwind. She says I can hardly imagine how they can fall so low. Ekam says Nehmat doesn’t realize they are so sickening, I know them.At home, Nehmat recalls everything. She gives the legal documents to Advait. Advait asks legal documents. Naaz and Nikhil look on. Shamsher says you had applauded Advait and us before the media, you need to leave him presently, are you fine, head inside and take rest. He requests that Rama get haldi milk for Nehmat. Satti says Nehmat came clean with us. Neeru asks what did she tell you, you tell us. Nehmat requests that Neeru ask them the explanation. She requests that Advait sign the papers and end this phony connection. She says I have lied there for the wellbeing of Nanu and Nani, its Naaz’s Sasural likewise, sign on the papers and end this connection. Shamsher asks did any battle occur. Advait says no, I will deal with her. Nehmat chastens him. She says you were unable to turn into a decent spouse and a decent individual, you failed to remember mankind, on the off chance that you need your deeds to not come before everybody then end this connection, sign the papers.

Udaariyaan 17 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Advait asks what are you talking about, you know, separate doesn’t occur in our loved ones. Nehmat asks what happens then, at that point. Shamsher asks what has been going on with you. Rupy says enough, quit acting guiltless, don’t accept our quietness as our shortcoming, on the off chance that she needs separate, it will work out, she won’t remain here, I won’t allow anything wrong to occur with her life. Naaz and Neeru ask what has been going on with Nehmat’s life. Shamsher cautions Rupy and says we government officials can effectively save our picture. He expresses both of your granddaughters will take off from this house now. They stress. Naaz asks Nehmat for what valid reason would you like to break my marriage. Nehmat says how could I need that, they are perilous individuals, I know Nikhil and you love one another, yet I can’t remain here. Shamsher says in the event that you think Naaz has a danger here, you can take her and go. Rupy says we will take Naaz as well. Naaz says I need to remain here, I love Nikhil, what did Nehmat tell you, she needs to take separate so will I take separate. Nikhil says no. Naaz says I can’t imagine separating from you. Advait and Shamsher smile.

Udaariyaan 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 17 february 2023

Shamsher asks Rupy who will he listen now. Nehmat says he will accept reality, Advait is my life’s adversary and I need this separation. Shamsher says who halted you bahu, take Naaz and go.

The episode ends

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