Udaariyaan 16 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 16 December 2022

The Episode begins with Nehmat saying Ekam… Ekam yells escape my life, everything is over from today. Udaariyaan… plays… He says get lost. Nehmat cries. Ekam dismisses and cries seeing the pics. Nehmat’s dupatta stalls out to his watch. He reviews their minutes. He tears the dupatta. Nehmat cries. She reviews their minutes. She goes to go. She gets Satti’s call. Satti asks where are you, come quick, Naaz has secured herself in the room and compromising of committing suicide. Naaz says I will commit suicide. Jasmin sees Naaz from the window and grins. Naaz holds a blade and undermines. Satti and Shelly request that she open the entryway. Jasmin thinks bravo, my little girl. Nehmat comes running. She says open the entryway, Naaz, it will occur as you need. Naaz keeps the blade at her wrist.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Jasmin says Naaz will come out once her work finishes, you are squandering energy for no utilization. Nehmat takes a light stand and breaks the window. She gets inside and stops Naaz. She slaps Naaz. She discards the blade. She says you have gone frantic. Naaz says OK, I have gone frantic, I would rather not live without Nikhil.Satti requests that Naaz quiet down. Naaz cries. Nehmat sits crying. Shelly requests that she concur. Nehmat says you will get your Nikhil. Naaz asks how might I Nikhil. Nehmat says I m prepared to wed Advait. Shelly hurries to Rupy and says Nehmat concurs for the marriage. Nikhil says at last, I will wed Naaz. Rupy says all of you would have constrained her. She says no, she settled on her own. Shamsher says now you don’t require time, do you need Naaz’s baraat to return, proceed to prepare the lady. rupy goes.

Udaariyaan 12Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Advait says father, I really want to converse with you. Naaz expresses gratitude toward Nehmat. She says you never get issues. Rupy comes. Naaz says Nehmat concurred, she saved my joy and marriage. He says I need to converse with Nehmat in private. Naaz says don’t adjust your perspective. Advait says I can’t do this marriage, Mallika frantically adored me, so I consented to wed her, yet Nehmat loves Ekam, don’t forfeit me. Shamsher asks will I penance my status and your vocation, you are youthful and attractive, you make a spot in her heart and eradicate Ekam’s name, believe its destiny or a cost to remain in governmental issues, improve your temperament, we will meet in the mandap. Advait says for what reason did you do this Nehmat. Rupy says I realize you have done this to save my regard, Tejo did this equivalent for us, I won’t allow you to do this.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 December 2022

Nehmat says I m not doing this under anybody’s tension. Rupy asks did you tell everything to Ekam, did he excuse you, fine, don’t tell, I will converse with him and inquire. She stops him and takes his telephone. She says compelling reason need to ask anybody. He asks what’s wrong, is he actually resentful, how might you wed another person, tell me.

She embraces him and says we shouldn’t think back, I have additionally continued on, you likewise support me. He says I can see you are breaking inside while attempting to areas of strength for be, me the matter. She says don’t ask me anything today, simply support me, please. He says I m generally with you. He embraces her and cries. He says this choice can destroy your life. Nehmat says however this choice can save Naaz’s life from demolishing, proceed to make marriage courses of action, I m prepared to wed Advait. He reviews Tejo.

Jasmin says you saw my brain, Naaz has the game in support of herself, take a gander at this, these are two same dupattas, one for Naaz and other for Nehmat. She makes sense of Shelly. She says Naaz and Nehmat will change place, Nikhil marries Nehmat and Naaz marries Advait, I need this. Shelly says they will not consent to wear ghunghat. Jasmin says one who has dread as a primary concern does everything. Shamsher requests that Rama apply tika to their children. He says I will let the media know that Advait is wedding Nehmat, not Mallika. Ekam sees Nehmat and Advait’s pics and cries thinking about her. Nehmat prepares and cries considering Ekam. Mallika embraces Ekam and cries.

Precap: Nehmat and Advait are getting hitched. Naaz and Jasmine are cheerful. Ekum says Nehmat, I can’t remain without you and won’t allow this wedding to happen.

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