Udaariyaan 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 16 January 2023

The Episode begins with Harleen contending with the driver and sending him away. He calls Ekam. He says I m not keen on your rubbish, quit following me. She says no, I m stuck here, driver left me halfway, save me, help, come and help me. He says unwind, send me your area, I will send some constable. She says no, I can’t believe any more peculiar, an unmarried young lady resembles a fortune, I heard this. He says fine, I will come. Advait and Shamsher are in their office. Ekam calls Advait. He says I need to go for an hour for a critical work. Advait says fine, however return 60 minutes. Ekam says OK, I will come. He leaves. He goes to the fields. Harleen is in camouflage of a scarecrow. She falls in his arms, and envisions a DDLJ second with him. She gets up and giggles. Ekam moves away. She shouts in agony and says I can’t get up. Ekam helps her.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Harleen says you like me a piece, right. He says no, I think that you are aggravating, I just came to help. Advait calls Ekam and says come quick, I need to go out with my better half. Ekam says I will drop my companion and come. Advait says come at this moment. Ekam says I told you, I will arrive in 60 minutes. Advait asks did we have any arrangement. Ekam says OK Sir, I m coming. Ekam closes call and blows up on her. Harleen remembers to take class of his chief. She grins and acts hurt. Ekam helps her and lifts her on his back.Advait says Ekam has failed to remember his status, I need to remind him. Ekam comes. Harleen comes and says I will see who is his chief. She sees Nehmat and Advait. She asks what, Advait is Ekam’s chief, I can’t come in his sight, he will call mother, I would rather not return to Canada. Advait asks Ekam for what reason did you go out when your own undertaking is here. Nehmat looks on. Advait says we need to go to a farmhouse tomorrow for a convention, you need to remain there around evening time. Ekam nods.

Udaariyaan 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Advait meets his GF. Nehmat reviews Advait’s words. She implores. Advait says I need to record Nehmat and Ekam’s video, I will fuel their affection and light fire, every one of my concerns will end, I will introduce such that Nehmat gets stigmatized, it will be simple for me to get separate. Its morning, Advait calls Ekam and asks where are you. Ekam says I m coming to. He calls the ACP. ACP says sit back and relax, I will change your obligation. Ekam expresses profound gratitude, destiny concludes not many things for us, I m attempting to figure out the explanation, I m fine here, sit back and relax. He closes call and stresses for Nehmat.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 January 2023

Advait says I need to keep rallies in every one of the close by towns. Nehmat meets the worker’s little girl and asks how are you now. Worker says thanks to her for the assistance. Advait says I m reasoning to take Nehmat with me, she has a fascination, individuals associate with her. Shamsher says OK, individuals get associated with her. Harleen takes a camouflage of an old woman and asks Ekam for lift. He requests that she sit. She says I don’t know fixing the safety belt. He helps her. They leave. She says you look brilliant, you will before long get a decent young lady, she will be from abroad. He sees her shoes. He understands and stops the vehicle. She inquires as to for what reason did you stop the vehicle. He says your theatrics is finished, what is this rubbish, will you do this to sit in the vehicle. She asks isn’t it charming. He says no, get down the vehicle. She gets some information about the modest watch.

He reviews Nehmat giving him the watch. She says I figure we ought to get another watch for you. He asks her for what reason. He says simply go. She gives him a kiss. Ekam goes. Harleen says I have committed to myself. Advait spits the tea and asks Rama did you make this. Rama says no, Nehmat made it. He says its downright awful. Nehmat says I will make it. Shamsher says stand by, you will not accomplish any kitchen work. He asks Neeru, Rama and Naaz to deal with the kitchen, Nehmat will deal with the decisions. Nehmat says I will deal with both the things. Advait insults you are taking care of both. Neeru asks is Ekam going with you. He says OK. She thinks something is at the forefront of his thoughts. He requests that Nehmat proceed to do the pressing. He figures Nehmat, commit one error, then I will demonstrate you so off-base that I dispose of you forever.

Precap: Advait, Ekum and Nehmat arrive at the area, Advait says this spot is so gorgeous for darlings and kisses Nehmat on her cheeks and leaves. Advait tells Ekum, Mrs. Kapoor is inside deal with her. Advait is watching out for Ekum and Nehmat and says now I will trap them.

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