Udaariyaan 18 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 18 January 2023

The Episode begins with Harleen coming to Ekam’s home. She calls him. He disengages. Harleen shows the gift to Renuka. Renuka sees the watch and says this wasn’t required. Harleen says I saw his wrecked watch, it wasn’t looking great, so I got a similar watch. Renuka says he won’t wear this, he has many watches, he wears that messed up observe as it were. Harleen says it’s the restricted version, I got this watch by trouble, I went to Bangalore to get this watch, I didn’t get it at the shop. She pursued the woman and requesting that she give the watch. She requests that the woman gift the costly watch to her better half. She says my companion is fixated on this watch. She takes the watch from the woman and says thanks to her. FB closes. Renuka asks did you go there for this watch. Harleen says OK. Mallika thinks she is fixated for Ekam. Advait requests that Nehmat accelerate. She stops the vehicle and gets down. Advait goes to her. He asks what’s your concern. She asks what is your take of yourself. She chastens him.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

He asks who are you to inquiry me. She says your significant other. He lifts hand to slap her. Ekam holds his hand. Ekam and Advait contend. Ekam says she is your significant other, not your worker, I m your protector, but rather remember, I m an ASP, in the event that I need, you will go to prison for homegrown violence.Harleen says Ekam is my legend, I can purchase a time machine for him. Mallika says you can purchase anything for them, he won’t wear any costly watch however just that wrecked watch. Harleen asks what’s so extraordinary in it. Mallika says Nehmat gifted it to him, she is his young life love. Harleen says sorry, I don’t have the foggiest idea. Renuka says Nehmat demolished his life. Harleen asks where is she now. Renuka says in her Sasural, she wedded Advait Kapoor, she is a liar, she is still after Ekam.

Udaariyaan 18 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Harleen reviews Ekam and Nehmat. She leaves and thinks Ekam loves Nehmat. Nehmat says its OK, I know to face my conflict, whoever needs to return home can sit in the vehicle, else can book a taxi and come. Ekam and Advait go and sit.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 18 January 2023

Harleen reviews Jasmin’s words. She says Advait is hitched to Nehmat, he is hitched to me legitimately, Ekam loves Nehmat, I love Ekam, I can’t lose him with such ease, I maintain that he should simply cherish me. Ekam sees the watch and reviews Nehmat. Renuka comes and says you got so bustling in work, you lack the capacity to deal with me. He says sorry and embraces. She says now is the right time to change this.

He says once in a while it requires investment. She inquires as to for what reason are you taking time in failing to remember her. He says I m liable for this, Nehmat is troubled in the marriage, she had no undertaking with Advait, those pics were phony. She inquires as to for what reason did she wed him, she wedded by her desire, emerge from this and hold any decent young lady’s hand. He says please not presently. She says see this, Harleen got this for you. He sees the equivalent watch.

Driver comes to Harleen and says you’re not noting your mummy’s call. Jasmin asks what’s this, for what reason aren’t you noting my call, what is happening. Harleen says I can’t enlighten her regarding Ekam. Jasmin asks did you take care of my responsibilities. Harleen says I will do it soon, I was occupied. Jasmin says I told you, its pixie work, we need to break their marriage, since you are the legitimate spouse. Ekam says Advait is deceiving Nehmat, he has an unsanctioned romance. Renuka says spouse is likewise answerable for husband’s undertaking. Ekam asks are you saying this. She says seniors used to say this, it’s a spouse’s liability to keep husband with her. Ekam requests that she transform her mindset. He says I was unable to comprehend Nehmat, I won’t give her consume access that fire. She says you will do nothing, she got hitched. He says no mother, I will successfully fix her broke life.

Harleen says I m attempting to meet them, how will I respond. Jasmin says you possess to get energy for this, don’t say you need to remain there, what’s there to see, let me know if there is anything more. Harleen figures I can’t come clean with you, you won’t ever grasp this. She says I will take care of your responsibilities. She closes call and says in the event that I show the marriage testament, Nehmat will get free and go to Ekam, this can’t occur. Ekam doesn’t have the foggiest idea the amount I love him. She gets a thought. Ekam says I realize Nehmat and I can’t join together yet I can save her from that torment. Renuka asks how will you respond. He says I will educate her concerning Advait’s truth.

Renuka asks did you go frantic, how might you break her home. Ekam says I can come clean with her, as a companion, she can conclude what she needs to do, its my obligation, that is all there is to it. Nehmat cries and reviews Ekam. She says Ekam would be harmed seeing this, I can’t see him getting embarrassed, I need to effectively make him away from Advait and my life. Harleen figures this endorsement can unite Nehmat and Ekam, I won’t allow this to occur. She consumes the testament. She says I won’t ever allow Ekam to go to Nehmat, he is only my legend. She smiles.

Ekam chastens Harleen and says I love another person. She cries. Ekam goes to converse with Nehmat and says you can’t overlook me. Neeru sees them.

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