Udaariyaan 21 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 21 January 2023

The Episode begins with Nehmat saying I m missing Rupy and Satti, I m returning home. Rama inquires as to ourselves, what will we say when individuals inquire as to yourself on Lohri. Neeru insults Nehmat. Shamsher stops her. He says I made sense of you to avoid anything such, you are doing to rehash exactly the same thing. Nehmat sees Advait. She says yet this time, I m not doing without saying anything, there would be some justification for this, right. He says I need to know the explanation. She says ask your child. Neeru says I have found her in the act with her darling, they were so nearer. Nehmat says Bua ji.. Neeru says Advait could have asked you, so you are taking steps to leave, wouldn’t even play with the possibility of accusing Advait, everybody realizes you are a nauseating and improper young lady. Ekam comes and yells enough, I will give you an inquiry to pose to Advait, ask him what was he doing at home. Shamsher asks what do you mean. She says he is safeguarding his GF, astonishing. He asks what’s wrong. Ekam says in fact.. Nehmat yells Ekam.. She asks what are you doing, this is my family matter, I will not endure on the off chance that you come and say anything. He asks will you endure what you have seen, you got to be aware, everybody ought to be aware. She requests that he leave. He says no, I won’t leave. Advait gets his collar and reproves. Ekam asks how will you respond, tell me, will you get me suspended, do anything, I will tell everybody. Advait says you are committing a major error. Ekam says I committed an error, I ought to have told this to Nehmat previously. Nehmat says please Ekam, simply leave. Shamsher yells enough. He says simply let me know what’s the matter.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Ekam says you are calling Nehmat bold, she has seen her better half with another young lady in her room. Shamsher yells. Everybody is stunned. Advait says he is lying. Shamsher says on the off chance that your statement is bogus, you can’t figure how I will respond. Ekam says you have made me wear the award of boldness and truth, you additionally know I m not lying. Shamsher leaves him. Ekam says in the event that you don’t accept me, then see the cctv film, you will know the truth.Nehmat cries. Advait says father, he is saying babble. Shamsher slaps him. Everybody stresses. Rama asks what’s going on with you. He asks will you endure this, I can’t, he has gone frantic. He admonishes Advait. He says I realize you could do without Nehmat, you’re not content with this marriage, yet did you track down this method for demolishing our regard, I m embarrassed to call you my child. He goes. Advait checks Ekam out. Nehmat leaves. Advait holds Ekam’s hand. He says I won’t fail to remember this, I m hurt by this slap, I will hurt you as well. Ekam makes him away. He leaves. Naaz grins. Nehmat reviews Rupy’s words. She leaves in an auto cart. Harleen comes and says gracious, I can’t go before Advait, however I need to ensure that Ekam doesn’t meet Nehmat, I need to ensure that Ekam avoids Nehmat and this house. Ekam thinks I wish Nehmat is fine. Nehmat cries. She is on the way.

Udaariyaan 21 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Ekam is coming. Harleen sees his vehicle and follows. Nehmat arrives at Sandhu house. Ekam stops the vehicle. Harleen checks him out. Ekam says an individual separates after so much, I realize you will break however not break, it will be Nehmat’s choice at this point. Nehmat figures I can’t see Rupy and Satti whatever occurred. Everybody hears Nehmat’s voice. They hurry to see her. They get cheerful and embrace her. Rupy asks what’s wrong, is everything fine. Nehmat says OK, mightn’t I at any point get back home, I came for a couple of days, Shelly has gone to her Maayka, I remembered to come and help on Lohri. Rupy says its your own home. He embraces her. She cries. She requests that Satti make ginger tea for her. Satti goes. Nehmat takes her sack and heads inside. Rupy thinks she is very much like Tejo, there is something, else she would have not come here. Veronica’s mum asks what occurred. Shamsher says your little girl is having an unsanctioned romance with a wedded man. He tosses cash and says you will get more cash, leave Moga before Lohri else you can’t figure what I will do to your family.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 21 January 2023

Nehmat is with family. She says we will move. She moves and gets miserable. Harleen signs Satvik. He gestures. Ekam considers Nehmat. Satvik says we host arrive in a gathering, say something. Ekam says sorry, I need to settle on an earnest decision, please. He goes. He calls Nehmat. Nehmat replies. He asks are you fine, did anybody ask you anything. She says avoid my life, you figure I m free now, don’t call me over and over. She closes the call. He thinks anything you say, you have returned now, I will fix everything. Harleen sees him and thinks Harleen has come in your life, I will gain Nehmat and her experiences from you.

Precap: Nehmat sees Ekum leave, Ekum pivots however Nehmat stows away and says, I realize you actually love me and care for me. Nehmat sees Ekum taking care of Harleen.

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