Udaariyaan 22 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 22 December 2022

The Episode begins with Advait seeing Ekam’s pic. Nehmat says this image… . He chuckles. He says wow, you got your reliability in your bag, astounding, you are a decent lawmaker, will we make his sanctuary on the off chance that you say. Nehmat says I didn’t keep this pic. He says I realize you went to meet him, why, did you go to persuade him to wed you, when he threw you out, then you returned to wed me, you see benefit and misfortune, you are the genuine legislator. Naaz says I m strained thinking Nehmat and I sat in various positions, I can’t suppose on the off chance that I had hitched another person. Nikhil says God made you only for me, I love you and needed to wed you, I need nothing with the exception of you. She asks won’t you definitely disapprove of the house and extravagances. He says it will be an issue, yet your affection is sufficient. She thinks I need his affection and cash moreover. Advait reproves Nehmat. She says enough, you have hardly any insight into our marriage. He says I was defenseless to keep my public picture, for what reason were you vulnerable. She reviews Naaz. He says you didn’t consider your closest companion, you realized she cherishes me a great deal. Nehmat reviews Mallika. He says she would likewise trust the pics now. Nehmat says I attempted to make sense of her yet… He says just shut up, you might have denied for this marriage however you didn’t, this marriage is a misrepresentation now, we will go out and seem cheerful, we will grin to such an extent that we look an ideal couple, don’t show me your face here, do you get it. She cries.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Ekam comes to the police headquarters. Constable requests that he have desserts. Ekam asks did you get a kid or a young lady. Constable says no, its for Kapoor children’s marriage. Ekam proceeds to review Nehmat’s untruths. He spits the desserts. He sees the staff examining a man. He goes to the cell and asks how did he respond. Jaswant says he has provided medications to the school understudies, he isn’t saying the name of the provider. Ekam asks the man. The man says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Ekam beats him and says I disdain the people who lie. He reviews Nehmat and beats the man.Jaswant asks what befell him, he never did this, I figure he will kill him today. He stops Ekam and says sufficiently its, he will pass on. Ekam requests that he get help for the man. Nehmat is miserable. Ekam likewise sees her pic and gets miserable. She sees Ekam’s pic. She places the pic clinched and cries. Ekam inquires as to for what reason did you lie, Nehmat, you grabbed our bliss, those commitments which we made to one another, it was each of the an untruth, for what reason did you lie. Nehmat is in the kitchen. She hacks. Neeru says I have heated water toward the beginning of the day, it makes a sound as if to speak and stomach. Rama expresses you here. Nehmat welcomes. Rama asks what are you wearing, so antiquated. She asks did you eat anything, Advait and you need to go to Kuldevi sanctuary, it’s a custom in our family, request that Advait prepare, go quick, Naaz and Nikhil will go later, what will you wear, think well and wear. Neeru says her family has sent her old garments, Mallika was turning into the lady of the hour, give her the garments you got for Mallika. Nehmat says sorry, I can’t wear Mallika’s garments, she resembles my sister. Rama says you had no issue in wedding her adoration, I will finish your shopping tomorrow, show me the garments before you wear. Shamsher sees Advait’s pic in the paper. He requests that Advait see his father’s choice, it was the best choice, his picture got saved. Naaz gets tea for him. Shamsher asks did Nikhil awaken, request that he get going for work, search for Advait, I don’t need to let him know anything. She actually looks at Advait and Nehmat’s pic in the paper. She thinks Nikhil and my pic isn’t there.

Udaariyaan 17Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Constables see Nehmat and Advait’s pic and tattle. Ekam chides the constable. His hand is harmed. Advait shows the papers to Nehmat. He says you can’t really accept that it right, your pic is in each paper, you have a decent destiny, and I have a terrible destiny, how might Ekam respond seeing this. Jaswant says your hand is harmed, kindly get the guide. Ekam gets miserable. He figures what will I do of the injury on my heart. Advait and Nehmat are coming. He sees Ekam passing by in his jeep. Advait races the vehicle and drives ahead. Ekam sees him and drives ahead. Nehmat looks on. She says its police jeep, drive slow. Advait says such cops show respect for me, you’re not frightened of them in light of old kinship, right. Once more, advait leads. Ekam thinks who is driving so imprudently. Ekam speeds up and stops Advait’s vehicle. Ekam gets down the vehicle and yells. Nehmat cries. Advait and Nehmat look on.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 22 December 2022

Precap: Advait holds Nehmat’s midsection before Ekum. Ekum says appears as though he is extremely impacted. Advait holds Ekum’s collar and says SP stay in your cutoff points she is my better half. Ekum shares with him, you don’t have the foggiest idea about her appropriately, she has propensity for harming others.

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