Udaariyaan 23 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 23 November 2022

The Episode begins with Shelly and Naaz discussing Jayveer’s misfortune. Naaz says Mallika and Advait’s marriage can’t occur soon. shelly says OK, your and Nikhil’s marriage likewise endured. Ekam is at the police headquarters. Nehmat asks him to simply converse with her. She says I didn’t distribute that article, No doubt about it, I didn’t do this, I can’t remain along these lines, I can’t bear your scorn, everybody is accusing me, your quietness is killing me, kindly pay attention to me. He stops her and goes. He says no, you don’t have to make a show here. He leaves.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Rupy reviews Nehmat’s words. He sees Nehmat dozing. Satti and Rupy cry and stress for Nehmat. Naaz thinks they stress for Nehmat so much, they don’t stress for me by any stretch of the imagination. Rupy says its Jayveer’s Tervi tomorrow, then I will converse with Ekam.At Ekam’s home, everybody is seen grieving for Jay. Nehmat comes there and reviews Ekam’s words. The man says we will appeal to God for Jay now, everybody will stand up. They generally stand up and ask. Ekam rushes to Renuka. Mallika says keep boldness, mother. Advait’s mum says areas of strength for be, need to get Mallika hitched moreover. Shamsher says nobody thought about this, Jay will leave us, we are with you in distress, Mallika is our obligation now. A woman tattles. Mallika and Ekam get miserable. Shamsher signs Advait. Advait consoles them and says I m with you both. His mum Rama says don’t stress over Advait and Mallika’s marriage. Renuka says Ekam will deal with everything. Ekam says marriage will occur as father needed, I never saw him so blissful, we will keep the marriage as father needed. Shamsher reviews Jay’s words. The woman says how could the marriage occur unexpectedly early. Ekam says marriage will occur, fix the date soon. Naaz figures now my marriage will happen soon. Jasmin gets a call and says now marriage will happen soon, well done. She says now my endeavors won’t go waste. She says I will go to Moga to go to my little girl Naaz’s marriage, however I need to persuade Harleen first. She calls Harleen and says purchase anything you need, yet go through the night with me, we will hit up your fav spot to party. Harleen says alright mom.

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Jasmin says get Harleen and my dresses for the party, I m going to India following 2 days, deal with Harleen, request that the secretary mail me my tickets. The woman says sure and goes. Jasmin sees the family pic. She says I have avoided my girl for a considerable length of time, due to you father, presently I m returning, Tejo was my concern first, and presently Nehmat is in the middle of between Naaz’s bliss, I m coming to Moga.

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Jasmin moves in her room. Naaz likewise moves in her room. Shelly hits the dance floor with her. She says you are glad that you are getting hitched. Naaz says no, I m glad that situation will change here, I could do without seeing Nehmat miserable. Shelly says OK, don’t have the foggiest idea what she needs to demonstrate. Nehmat is at the Gurudwara. She supplicates. Ekam is additionally there. She turns and sees Ekam behind. She goes to him. She explains and says I didn’t distribute that article, pay attention to me once, don’t can’t stand me. Ekam asks what will I talk, you killed my father, you destroyed my family joy just to satisfy your fantasy. She asks what dream. He says of turning into a fruitful columnist. He reviews her words. He says I made a good attempt to be familiar with your work, you enlightened me concerning your pixie task, you didn’t let me know anything, I would have come in your wat to progress, right, your vocation and dreams are demon for you, not Ekam. She says you are devil. He says all of us, my departed father aren’t devil, what’s reality, you went to Shimla for this task, you need to hear reality from me, disgrace on you, well done, you have turned into a star columnist, my father’s demise is likewise a piece of your example of overcoming adversity. He leaves. She pursues him and falls. He checks her out. She advances her hand. He reviews Jay’s words. He goes to his jeep. She runs and stops him. She says I care for yourself as well as your family, I needed no difficulty in Mallika’s marriage. He says you dealt with this document, who did this, tell me, you killed my father, that article constrained him to end it all, you figure we will become cherishing like previously, we can’t occur something very similar, you don’t defend yourself currently, remain away to help me, father additionally needed this, Nehmat Virk Sandhu, there isn’t anything between us now, I don’t need you in my life, I came here to ask that I don’t get to see your face, on the off chance that I see, I get fortitude to overlook you. He leaves. She thinks he is correct, who else can know the PC secret word, when I had the article documents. She comes home.

She sees Naaz. Naaz asks are you fine, how could you get injured, sit, I will get the gauze. Nehmat reviews Naaz’s words. Naaz asks what occurred, will you consume your whole time on earth in culpability, its fine in the event that you committed an error. Nehmat says I did no misstep, I can’t do such a slip-up. Naaz asks what is your take, who did this. Nehmat says somebody who knew the PC secret phrase, somebody who imparts the space to me. Naaz stresses and says I share the room with you, you are questioning me. Nehmat says no, I m sure that you have done this. Naaz worries.

Precap: Nehmat and Naaz battle about the article. Jasmine is in vehicle, Nehmat leaves and comes by the vehicle and sees Jasmine. Jasmine sees her and says she is Nehmat.

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