Udaariyaan 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 26 November 2022

The Episode begins with Nehmat requesting that Advait converse with Ekam and Mallika. Advait says you believe I should let them know that I m the observer, I was in the lodging with you, will be you insane. Ekam leaves. Advait conceals Nehmat. Ekam drives off. Advait says say thanks to God, he didn’t see us, simply go. She asks what was Ekam doing here. He says father called him and Rupy here for marriage talks, simply go, all that will get fine. She says sorry, I didn’t have the foggiest idea. He goes. She says I will figure out who did this. Shamsher says Advait will deal with everything. Worker gets the gifts and bouquet. Shamsher peruses Jasmin’s message and says Jazz is in Moga. Jasmin is on stand by. She says I needed to come for my little girl Naaz’s marriage. She sees the food and reviews the family. She says its generally my fav food. Satti likewise makes a similar food. Shelly says Satti is spoiling Naaz. Exquisite says Satti is making gulab jamun for Nehmat. Satti says OK, Nehmat is devastated, she lost her adoration and youth companionship moreover. Mallika is coming. She converses with Renuka ready to come in case of an emergency. She goes to her vehicle. Nehmat stops her.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Mallika requests that she leave. Nehmat expresses pay attention to me, I will stay put. Mallika admonishes her. Nehmat expresses stop for our kinship. Mallika says we are not companions. Nehmat says we were pleased with our kinship, simply give me 10 mins, I won’t come in your direction once more. Jasmin compliments Advait for his marriage occurring with Mallika. She asks are you not cheerful, your pledge drive is here. Advait says we are confounded, you won’t believe anybody should know you. Jasmin says OK, I lost confidence on relationships, so I have come here to go to a Punjabi wedding, I feel eager to catch wind of this. Shamsher says so we have come to welcome you. Advait expresses yet before everybody… Jasmin says you don’t have any acquaintance with me, my quality chooses where to show up and to whom, relax, intriguing, two weddings, for what reason didn’t you both get Nikhil, we didn’t meet till now, Naaz has a place with Nehmat’s family right. Advait says OK, Naaz is Nehmat’s more youthful sister. Jasmin says Nehmat is the one due to whom Jayveer committed suicide.Nehmat sees Fateh and Tejo’s pic and cries. She says I wish Mallika stands by listening to me, I want to realize who posted this article, Ekam left me due to that individual. Ekam tears Nehmat’s pics and reviews Jay’s words. Rab ke haath me dor… plays… .

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Mallika comes and stops Ekam. She asks did you go frantic. Ekam says I m grieving for father’s demise. Mallika says you figure Nehmat can do this, I don’t figure she can do this, somebody has done this, she is finding the individual who posted that article, tell me, in the event that this is valid, terrible has occurred with her additionally, right. He says I would rather not hear anything. She says Nehmat is your adoration, you actually love her, your eyes can’t lie. He says eyes can have a deception, however heart can’t, I feel Nehmat did this, we won’t discuss this at this point. He goes. She says I can’t lose more relations, I previously lost father, I won’t allow Ekam to lose his adoration. Nehmat embraces the pic and cries. Rupy comes. She says I need to figure out who posted this article, we lost Jay. He says I m with you, I don’t believe you should get rebuffed. She says I maintain that no issue should come in Naaz’s marriage. He says don’t say this, proceed to express sorry to Naaz, matter finishes, grin now. They hug.

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Advait gets a call. Nikhil expresses emerge, driver let me know that you came here for some devil work, its my marriage and your marriage additionally, emerge. Advait says I will just return. He goes out. Naaz returns home. Nehmat holds ears and says I m sorry Naaz, you know what is going on. Naaz says you blamed me. Nehmat says I m sorry. Satti and Rupy request that Naaz pardon Nehmat. Shelly says pardon her, fail to remember everything, Nehmat needs to do your and Nikhil’s marriage gathbandhan. Naaz embraces Nehmat. Everybody grins. Harman sings. Naaz says Nehmat needs to choose one fashioner lehenga from these. Nehmat says sure, I need nothing, you stay cheerful. Naaz shows the dresses. Nehmat sees a dress and reviews Ekam’s words. She says pink one. Naaz thinks I realize pink is Ekam’s fav variety, you need to wear it and show him, yet I won’t allow this to occur. Jasmin hears Nikhil and Advait. Nikhil says sign this check, I need to pay the architect, father has made you signatory for my records. Advait says since you could purge the records. Jasmin expresses out loud whatever, Nikhil doesn’t have anything in his grasp, Advait handles everything, Naaz, did you take the right decision.

Precap: Aykum and Nehmat are together. Naaz is in taxi, the taxi stops at obscure area, Naaz gets down and asks what spot is this. Jasmine emerges from vehicle. Naaz says Mumma.

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