Udaariyaan 27 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 27 December 2022

The Episode begins with the chief/ACP saying this is a hazardous mission, everything can change in a second. Ekam says it can change whenever, I guarantee I will finish this mission. ACP says that resembles a warrior. Constable says Ekam maintains that should do this for decoration, how will he respond when he loses life. Ekam says leave assumptions, we in all actuality do police work for our energy, work and to safeguard individuals. Constable apologizes. Satti gives the garments to Nehmat and Naaz. Nehmat requests that Rupy and Satti have their prescriptions consistently. Shelly says Naaz, I made your fav food, I realize you like it a great deal. She takes care of Naaz. She says simply relax, your mum can do anything for your happiness.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Jasmin says Rupy had two girls, Tejo and Jasmin, Tejo grabbed everything from Jasmin, Jasmin did a ton to get her adoration, she chose to get payback, she left Nehmat with Tejo and Fateh, everybody thinks she is their little girl, just me and scarcely any individuals realize that Nehmat isn’t Sandhus or Virks’ blood. Nehmat says I might be anybody’s blood, however my reality and personality will be a direct result of you. Rupy and Satti grin. Shamsher asks whose blood is Nehmat. Jasmin says she is an ill-conceived offspring of an unmarried lady, her father is a lawbreaker, I realize society doesn’t need such youngsters, yet I wanted her to deal with over to them.She says Naaz is Jasmin’s just girl. Advait says I don’t completely accept that this, how do you have any idea this. She says since Jazz Ahluwalia is Jasmin Sandhu, are you stunned. She says I have left Nehmat and went to Canada, I allowed her an opportunity to remain in Virk family, so she disposed of the tag of a crook’s ill-conceived little girl. Nehmat comes and hears this. She asks what are you doing here, what are you talking about. Advait asks Nehmat do you know her. Nehmat says OK. Jasmin asks what’s up Nehmat.

Udaariyaan 22Nd December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Nehmat says have little to no faith in her, she is lying, I will say reality, this lady is Naaz and my natural mother, she left me after birth and left Naaz following 6 years, she never went to see us, you have decked up to come here, I heard a ton about you, you let nothing live in harmony, for what reason did you return. She inquires as to for what reason did you return, how did I respond that you are ruining my life, I m sufficiently able to save myself and family from you. Jasmin makes sense of her.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 27 December 2022

Nehmat asks them not to trust Jasmin. Shamsher thinks who understands her better than us, she destroyed her sister and Jija. Nehmat expresses get out. Jasmin says fine, I will go. Advait requests that Nehmat shut up. He says aunt… Jasmin says don’t call me aunt, call me Jazz. He says OK Jazz, for what reason are you saying these accounts. She says it’s a dull mystery. He asks how would you trust it. She says I lack the capacity to deal with timepass, you trust it on the off chance that you need or not, Nehmat isn’t my little girl, I m not her mum, Naaz is my girl. Nehmat asks what confirmation do you have. Jasmin says we can finish a DNA test and know reality. Nehmat says fine, come. Jasmin says come, we will go, you had no way out when you were conceived, however presently you can go to any clinic you need, tell me, where might you go, any govt medical clinic or any confidential emergency clinic, you are hitched now, ask your better half. She asks Advait does he have any issue. She insults him.

Shamsher believes its bad to screw with her. Advait says Nehmat, you will not do this. Shamsher says enough, we will get offended. Jasmin says I have confirmation, Rupy. Nehmat asks Nanu? Jasmin says OK, your Nanu, he has covered numerous mysteries in his heart. Shamsher says it implies he misled us. Nehmat says no, he would have told me. Advait says your family is a cheat. Jasmin says don’t sit around Nehmat, call your Nanu here, I will make your father simple, I will call my father and ask his government assistance. Harman says we will go to Gurudwara to say thanks to God. Rupy says OK, we will petition God for Nehmat, don’t have any idea what fights she needs to battle and win. He gets Jasmin’s call. Satti asks whose call is it. He says wrong number.

He proceeds to reply. Jasmin says I was missing you and remembered to call. He asks what do you need now. Jasmin says I lament that nothing occurs on my maxim, I needed to call you, I needed some data about Nehmat. Rupy gets some information about Nehmat. She says you don’t recollect, did you fail to remember what was written in the letter which I gave you. He reviews the letter.

Precap: Nehmat says Nanu tell me, is this genuine what Jasmine is talking about. Ekum is battling with a man and the man focuses weapon at him and shoots.

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