Udaariyaan 28 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 28 November 2022

The Episode begins with Jasmin getting back home. She says I have returned, father, I didn’t disappear from here, I was in Canada and had a deep understanding of the family. Shelly opens the entryway and emerges to meet her. Jasmin warmly greets her. Jasmin reviews Shelly illuminating her about Naaz. Nehmat reviews Ekam’s words. She cries. She leaves the room. Shelly expresses take a gander at you, you are shocking as in the past, your skin sparkles a ton, which facial do you use. Jasmin gives her a gift. Shelly says imported fragrance and cosmetics. Nehmat sees the lights on and goes to see. Shelly says I had sent tiffin for you. Jasmin says mummy didn’t make it, tell me, is Naaz content with the marriage. Shelly says she is extremely cheerful, the person is quite rich, he spoils Naaz a ton. Jasmin gets some information about the person’s stake and status in the business and family. Shelly says OK, he is President of Kapoor domain, how could you come here following 16 years. Jasmin says you will know it soon, goodbye. She sees Nehmat at the entryway. She stows away. A truck in the middle between. Jasmin leaves in her vehicle. Nehmat sees Shelly and asks what are you doing here. Shelly says I became exposed a diya here for house harmony, for the good of Naaz and you, what are you doing here. Nehmat says I came down the stairs to have water. Shelly inquires as to for what reason did you emerge, go, I will close the entryway and come. They go.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Its morning, Ekam is coming. Nehmat turns. deen hai tu… plays… She sees Ekam coming and grins. She says I think Malika has pardoned me and made sense of Ekam likewise, thanks baba ji. Rupy opens the entryway. Ekam welcomes him. Ekam says Mallika’s wedding card and desserts. Rupy says come, we will sit inside and talk. Ekam says there is a lot of work. Rupy says I can comprehend, I m happy that you don’t respect Nehmat wrong at this point. Ekam says you have a misconception, I just came to perform my responsibility, kindly come and favor Mallika. Rupy says trust Nehmat once, outrage isn’t great, come. Ekam says its not outrage, yet torment, I would rather not talk. Nehmat cries hearing this. Ekam says I have no faith in myself. Nehmat says let it be. Naaz sees Ekam and stows away. She thinks did he come to fix up. Nehmat says he has motivation to end this connection, however I don’t have an explanation, I m sure that my reality will come out one day. Ekam insults and leaves. Rab ke haath me… plays… .Naaz comes to him and says you have a major heart, how would you do this, Nehmat did so terrible with you, and still, at the end of the day you came here to welcome. Ekam says Nehmat and I have no connection now. He leaves. Naaz says when old relations break, it harms a great deal. Jasmin reviews Nikhil. She says for what reason will Advait sign on the checks, Nikhil is lighthearted, he has nothing else than his father’s name, how will he respond, Shelly let me know something different, will Naaz stay poor, no, I will fix her choice. She calls Shelly and asks where is Naaz. Naaz heads off to some place. She takes a taxi. Jasmin drives the taxi. Naaz gets Shelly’s call. She requests that Shelly gather the garments. She says I m going to meet Nikhil, I will talk later. Jasmin stops the vehicle. Naaz inquires as to for what reason did you stop the vehicle here. She takes the pepper splash close by. She gets down the vehicle. She asks who are you, for what reason did you get me here. Jasmin eliminates the mask and turns towards her. Naaz is stunned and says mumma… .

Udaariyaan Today’s Episode Online

Precap: Aykum and Nehmat are together. Jasmine gifts jewel accessory to Naaz.


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