Udaariyaan 29 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 29 December 2022

The Episode begins with Renuka saying you need to wed somebody, I will track down the young lady. Ekam says you won’t drive me for marriage. Renuka flies off the handle on Nehmat. Nehmat strolls out and about, and recalls everything. She cries. Rab ke khel niraale… plays… Rupy is coming. He drops his bike down and sits crying, stressed for Nehmat. Satti asks where could he at any point go, he isn’t replying. Rupy yells out of frustration. Jasmin says the game has changed, Advait isn’t the main pony of the race, he is Nehmat’s significant other, Nehmat is a crook’s little girl, sorry Advait. Advait asks what rubbish, I couldn’t care less about her foundations. She says I was believing, on the off chance that the media knows this… He asks how might it work out. She says I need to yell to everybody. He inquires as to why, what’s your advantage in this. She says my girl has become hopelessly enamored with your silly more youthful sibling, Nikhil has no influence, position and cash, presently he will have your spot, check and mate. Shamsher and Advait get stunned. Advait asks what do you mean. Jasmin says Nikhil will turn into the MLA, I m truly grieved, you are bearing the discipline of being Nehmat’s better half. Nehmat is remaining in the street. Advait requests that Shamsher make sense of Jasmin, this can’t occur. Shamsher inquires as to for what reason do you figure we will do anything you say. Jasmin says you will do this, when you can do murders on my truism. Advait gets out whatever in the event that we decline… . Jasmin says then I will grab your seat, you will not get a single thing from me, then, at that point, battle the decisions and become MLA, you can’t go on in the event that I step back. They contend. She undermines them of uncovering Nehmat’s reality. Advait takes a gander at Shamsher.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Jasmin says enough, I will leave now, bye, Shamsher when I come to your office sometime later, MLA Nikhil Kapoor’s banners ought to be put here. Advait says don’t have the foggiest idea for what reason did I meet Nehmat. Shamsher says Jasmin’s end is close. Advait tosses the things out of resentment and says I won’t leave Nehmat, father, you fouled up, I would have rather not hitched Nehmat, I have respected legislative issues my life, you can’t give my life to Nikhil. Shamsher expresses quiet down, you figure I will give your place to Nikhil, yet it is actually the case that we can’t win races assuming the subsidizing stops and Nehmat’s reality emerges. Advait expresses out loud whatever, I don’t care.Nehmat falls out and about and cries. She reviews Rupy’s words. Advait returns home and yells Nehmat. Rama asks him what occurred, who was that lady. Advait enlightens everybody regarding Nehmat. Naaz thinks Jasmin has done what she said, yet even I didn’t have a clue about this. Neeru says Nehmat is a lawbreaker’s little girl, Sandhus got her hitched in our home. Harman says you ought to have told us. Rupy says Jasmin made Nehmat away from her mother when she was one day old, yet Tejo and Fateh raised her as their own little girl, they never needed to bring her reality out, they realized everybody will insult her. They cry. Neeru says I m terrified, we need to put cctv camera. Sovereign says she is a blameless young lady, for what reason would it be a good idea for us we get terrified of her. Neeru says she will wound you and go. Naaz says I didn’t have a clue about this. Advait says Rupy has deceived everybody. Nikhil requests that he quiet down. Shamsher comes and says this reality shouldn’t leave this house.

Udaariyaan 24Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Nehmat is as yet strolling out and about. She gets hit by some vehicle. Ekam awakens from rest and yells Nehmat. Renuka and Mallika come, and ask are you fine. Ekam says Nehmat is in some issue, I need to go. Renuka requests that he stop it, Nehmat destroyed their lives. Servant says Nehmat isn’t in the house, her telephone was in the room, Mahesh is saying he saw her going out. Nikhil says don’t have any idea what she is going through. He goes to see as her. Shamsher says Advait, proceed to track down your better half. Advait figures Ekam won’t allow anything to happen to her, I realize she has gone to her. Ekam says I need to go to her. Mallika says enough, she is hitched now, her better half is there to deal with her. Ekam says fine. Renuka requests that he rest. Ekam says I m not lying, I realize Nehmat is in some issue. Rupy calls Nehmat. He says Nehmat isn’t replying. He asks. He leaves. Nikhil and Ruler come to get some information about Nehmat. Rupy says she hasn’t arrived, we were coming there to meet her. Ruler says she isn’t at home. Nikhil says just sit back and relax, we will view as her. Advait says she would have gone to Ekam, I will get motivation to eliminate her from my life. Ekam says I need to take a brief trip and see Nehmat. He prepares and runs out. Mallika requests that he stop. Ekam says something is off-base, let me take a brief trip and see once. Mallika requests that he pay attention to her. He sits in the vehicle to leave.

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The episode ends

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