Udaariyaan 29 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 29 November 2022

The Episode begins with Naaz crying and reviewing Jasmin. Jasmin requests that she come. Naaz stops and reviews her letter. She goes to go. Jasmin stops her. She says I have come to meet you, when I got to be aware of your marriage, I have come. She embraces Naaz. Naaz drives her away and admonishes her. She asks how could you leave me. Jasmin says somebody drove me out. Naaz asks who constrained you. Rupy says everything is finishing. Satti says we are getting ready for one little girl’s marriage, other girl’s experience growing up connection broke. Wonderful and Harman ask her not to stress. Nehmat hears them and acts cheerful. She says perhaps Rupy is correct, time isn’t supporting Ekam and me now, it will be clear soon, we need to stand by till then, we will simply celebrate bliss about Naaz’s marriage, don’t get miserable, we will have desserts, come. She sings and dances.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Satti mollifies Nehmat and embraces. Jasmin says I love you a great deal, your future was most demon for me, you know how I saved you from your father and got you to India, I was glad that at last, you will be between your family, yet Tejo and her girl were pixie for father. Nehmat is shopping with Shelly. Mallika additionally comes there. Shelly requests that Mallika see their shopping. She requests that Nehmat attempt the dress. Nehmat says its benefit. Shelly demands her. Nehmat goes to attempt to dress. Ekam comes to the shopping center. Nehmat stops and pivots. Ekam additionally glances around. Mera ishq tu hai… plays… She attends the court date room. Ekam gets some information about Mallika. The woman says she is in preliminary room. He sees Shelly and says it implies Nehmat and Naaz are additionally here. Jasmin says I had absolutely no chance, father requested that I leave from Moga always, would you stay content with me, no, right, so I went alone, it was correct, on the off chance that you left with me, you would have seen neediness. Naaz cries and says OK, this costly ring, watch, adornments and vehicle, I wish everybody gets such destitution, you avoided me, you didn’t call me once, where do you stay, in this world or another person. Jasmin says the one who wedded me and took me to Canada, he kept a condition that I won’t ever bring my past, what else was there to do, I realized my folks could despise me yet love you the most, you had everything, I gave you numerous relations, I had no way out, so I went to Canada and remained with that man. Naaz inquires as to for what reason did you return, fine, I have everything, numerous relations and a cousin, everybody cherishes her more than me, nobody loves me, I was separated from everyone else, its fine, I have Nikhil now, he cherishes me a ton, he has a lot of cash, he will spend a great deal on me, he is distraught about me.

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Jasmin says tell me, do you love him. Naaz poses what’s this inquiry, who are you to ask me. Jasmin says I m your mum, I care for you. Naaz says you could do without me, I don’t need my missing mum back in my life, don’t come before my Sasural. The light goes. Ekam hears Nehmat and runs. Nehmat tumbles down. Ekam goes into the preliminary room and sees Nehmat caught in the dress. Deen hai tu… plays.. Ekam helps her. The Lights come. Ekam leaves. Nehmat sits crying. Jasmin says I m so glad that you are getting hitched. Naaz says don’t meet anybody. Jasmin says fine, you can go however I got a gift for you. She thinks I m your mum, I know how to persuade you. She asks Naaz not to decline to the gift. She gives the jewel accessory. Naaz says this jewel set is truly lovely, it would be expensive right. Jasmin says actually no, not more than your joy, keep it. Shelly and Nehmat sit tight for the taxi. Mallika asks what occurred. Shelly says taxi isn’t reserving. Mallika says we will drop you. Shelly embraces her. Nehmat says no, we will go via auto. Nehmat sees Ekam. Naaz says one who has influence and cash, has everything, I have it in light of Nikhil, he can purchase such 50 sets for me, I needn’t bother with your significant other’s cause. Jasmin thinks she is extremely difficult. She expresses stand by listening to me, I m your mum, I have nobody in this world aside from you, kindly stop. Naaz cries. Jasmin gets Harleen’s call. Harleen inquires as to for what reason are you separating my calls, mother. Jasmin says Naaz, stand by. Naaz says you have another girl, you are so phony. She calls her extortion and liar. Jasmin requests that she tune in. Naaz goes. Jasmin says I will deal with you, and see that Nehmat, is she making an issue in your life, is Nikhil somebody to request cash. Shelly informs Mallika regarding Naaz’s wedding lehenga. Ekam plays music. Ranjha… plays… Nehmat and Ekam review their second. He stops the tune. Mallika says it was great music. He says I could do without it.

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Ekam drops them home. Shelly says thanks to Ekam and Mallika. She requests that Nehmat come. Ekam dismisses. Nehmat cries seeing him. Mallika gets miserable seeing them. Nehmat’s telephone falls. Ekam picks it and hands over. Her dupatta stalls out in his arm band. Laakh tu karle… .plays… He eliminates the stuck dupatta. She takes her telephone. She gets down the vehicle. Mallika figures I will attempt to join them tomorrow in mehendi. Jasmin reviews Naaz’s words. She says I will be in Naaz’s mehendi tomorrow, I will choose what to do and how. Ekam eliminates the wristband gifted by Nehmat. He figures I won’t allow anybody to pamper my sister’s unique day. He leaves. Nehmat believes its my closest companion and sister’s relationships. She petitions God for Ekam and herself.

Ekam and Nehmat have a second. He holds her in arms. Jasmin acts in the capability. Satti says I find this young lady familiar.

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