Udaariyaan 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 3 January 2023

The Episode begins with Advait lying harmed inside the vehicle. Jaswant stops Ekam. Ekam pushes him and races to save Advait. Ekam makes a respectable attempt and breaks the entryway. Ekam yells Advait. Nehmat yells Ekam, no, return. Advait opens eyes and sees Nehmat yelling for Ekam. Woman constables stop Nehmat. The petroleum spills. Ekam attempts to open the safety belt. Advait says kindly save me. Jaswant says the vehicle can impact whenever. Ekam takes some sharp thing and cuts the safety belt. Jaswant requests that Ekam move. Ekam hauls Advait out. The vehicle impacts. Nehmat is shocked.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Nehmat yells and runs. She sits crying. Ekam brings Advait a long way from the vehicle securely. Jaswant and everybody see him. Ekam brings Advait towards Nehmat. Nehmat says thanks to Ruler. Ekam’s jacket bursts into flames. Nehmat stresses. Ekam passes over the fire by tapping his shoulders. The constables cover him up. Nehmat cries seeing Ekam. She then, at that point, holds Advait. Ekam turns away.Ekam gives a bandanna. She goes with Advait. Jasmin says Advait said he isn’t terrified of me, its fine, we will terrify him now, I don’t get the kick when somebody consents to me without any problem. Naaz says he genuinely trusted him. Jasmin says I know how to break their certainty, Shamsher and Advait can’t discuss front of me, I m stressed for Nikhil, he is absurd. Naaz says he sees nothing, let me know something to control him. Jasmin asks does he love you. Naaz says frantically. Jasmin says I will guide you, Shamsher allowed him 2 days time. Naaz says Advait will not pay attention to his father. Jasmin says he will stand by listening to me, I actually have an ace in the hole. Naaz asks who is it. Jasmin says it’s an indication of a feeble player to show cards before time, you will know it when the opportunity arrives, that house entryways will open for you first and afterward for Nehmat.

Udaariyaan 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Advait rests in the room. Nehmat comes. He sees her and reviews her words. He says I can’t stand your face. She says you got saved, I was simply making the pad right. He requests that she shut up. Ekam applies the salve to his consume wound. Mallika comes and stresses. He says it was a little mishap. She says Jaswant let me know everything, how about you go to the emergency clinic. He requests that she do the guide. Ekam reviews Nehmat. Advait tosses the medications. He admonishes Nehmat. She cries. He says show your phony tears to your ex BF, he isn’t ex, he is current, he is there in your heart, considerations and brain. She asks what did I do now. He says you caused me to understand that you stress for Ekam, not me, you were yelling for Ekam, will you call it an error. She says you didn’t hear me getting down on you, Ekam was my past, I can’t transform it short-term, I m with you now, I m your significant other, it will require investment to address my propensity. He says he was saving me to show some help, similar to I would have passed on without him.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 January 2023

Mallika inquires as to for what reason did you save him, you might have allowed him to kick the bucket, he swindled me, he left me, Nehmat left you. Ekam says I was simply carrying out my responsibility, my heart broke, it doesn’t imply that I leave humanity.

Nehmat and Advait contend. She says you are harming me, leave me, I will perform my responsibility of a spouse. He asks her not to talk like that. He sees Ekam’s pic. He says this is called something on the face and something in your heart, you got this pic back. She says it doesn’t merit being in the dustbin, I have no connection with Ekam now. He requests that she demonstrate it. He says simply consume the pic, come in, take care of business. He gives her the candle. She cries. She consumes the pic. He goes. She sits crying. She takes the pic’s remains and keeps it in a case. Udaariyaan… plays… Ekam likewise thinks about her. She rushes to implore. She says I would rather not get addressed, Ekam generally remained by me, he deals with everybody, you deal with him, I made himextremely upset, I have harmed him a ton, you safeguard him.

Precap: Nehmat, on news, reports helping in cause. Shamsher tells Advait that Nehmat’s thought was great and he will send off it with a terrific party with Nikhil’s face. Advait flies off the handle and says he will do what he needs now and takes a gander at a walkman.

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